Peace and blessings!

I hope at this very moment and for all moments you are surrounded by unlimited peace and unconditional love! The year 2013 is moving rapidly as we are quickly approaching the month of June. Spring has sprung, and with it came a big shift in energy. Many people are increasingly aware of this shift in Earth energy. You may notice people acting more frenzied, complaining of and feeling adverse medical conditions, disillusioned with life, bolder and more impulsive, more anxiety and depression? There are some people who retreat to the solitude of their homes and remain there, seeking to escape. All of these, and then some are expressions of different reactions to the changes in frequency in our universe.

Energy is all around us, and energy from the cosmos affects those on Earth, just as Earth’s energy expands to the cosmos. Some of us are aware of these subtle energies and changes. All of us must strive to maintain our bearings and remain focused during this time. Aligning with this new energy will create the best benefit for you and your loved ones. With this new energy comes the changes in springtime, a time of rebirth, renewal and growth. This new energy, “energizes” all that it touches, making all things new and promoting growth and expansion.

Step into this new frequency with a focused mind, clear intentions, and a determination to succeed at all of your goals. This rapidly moving frequency of energy will help you attract what you desire and need in abundance. At this time, your thoughts and intentions will begin to manifest much more quickly. I personally experienced this in the last few weeks. A few weeks ago my car needed repairs and I left it with a mechanic. I went to catch the subway train to work the next day. As I ascended the escalator to the subway platform, I was wondering how much it would cost me to get to work, since I had to spend so much money on car repairs. I stepped off the escalator and there right in front of me at my feet was a neatly folded $10 bill! No one was around, so I thanked the universe and put it into my pocket to pay for my ride. I felt so surprised and overjoyed at the same time.

I had similar experiences over the next few weeks, and so have other people I have talked to.Some claim miraculous things have happened with little or no effort. Things that I have needed or prayed for have manifested! This has prompted me to be very mindful of my thoughts and desires. Now is the time to step into the light and power of this new frequency to gain the courage and willpower to achieve your goals.

With love and light,
Tamara Dickerson of Astral Healing Arts Wellness Center

About Tamara: I would like to connect with other wholistic health practitioners, vegan and raw food chefs, yoga, tai-chi teachers, etc., to work together to help heal, educate and serve the public. Wellness is in high demand right now, as we strive to heal ourselves and the planet.

Tamara is a mother, sister, skilled Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, Healer, Wholistic Healthcare Practitioner, and Minister. An “old soul”, she has made a commitment to help restore balance, and good health to all. She has assisted many people seeking to enjoy a greater quality of life, and live healthier, disease free lives.

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