18 Tips For An Even Deeper Dynamic Meditation Experience

Dive in brave spirit. Don’t look back.

Inspiration came over me while I was thinking about something huge that really improved me and my life. I felt myself digging for an answer for a few moments. Not long after that, it came to me that for me, that life changer was meditation.

From day one it changed me plus what I though myself to be. I uncovered gems that you can’t find in just any book. Why not? Meditation is the ultimate healer. It is so important to do meditation because it carefully allows us to be reminded that we are not alone on this planet. It reminds us that we’re not an island either.

The act of meditation shows us the WAY for us personally. The way we’re shown truths in meditation is subtly given. Taking the meditation path, we are able to connect to a stream of unlimited love in a short amount of time without any additives, bells or whistles while eventually ending up in a state of bliss, restored peace and ecstasy that nothing else can seem to match.

If you can simply go on breathing,





being still


letting go


You’ve done some MEDITATION before.


The Art of Meditation

  • Why is it so awesome? I feel it Changes the game.
  • It’s truly beautiful and completely natural to us all.

If you have already done meditation but wish to enhance your meditation practice in simple ways I have some tips to share with you. Below I have some ideas on how you can do just that… As a holistic practitioner I trained in Kundalini yoga for years and then got certified as a Yoga, Reiki and as a Meditation teacher. 

I can’t tell you just how much I am in love with meditation. There’s nothing on this earth that I find that has a natural effect of restored happiness, bliss and peace within as meditation does. Additionally, meditation only reconnects us to the source in ways where we can be aware of it. Very personal, yet Extraordinarily rewarding. We are never without the link. It’s one love. Never are we away from the connection of the beloved universe, source or creator. 

Its true, Meditation can be enhanced if its done deliberately. We’ll get deeper into how to accomplish that depth with the following 18 Meditation Enhancement tips. 


At this point, let’s discuss the 18 tips one can utilize to increase one’s meditation experience. You don’t have to do all of these on one day. You can in cooperate one or several to enhance one’s entire life experience over night, No lie! To learn some meditation with me just Checkout my guided audio meditation series. Back to how to enhance your meditation.


Ready, Set, Go

1. Correct posture is as important as breathing correctly.

2. Comfort and relaxation set the tone for proper mediation.

3. Silence is important, there’s a simple rhythm to going deeper into your breathing as well.

4. Cleanliness helps with energy flow. Start with cleansing the aura by taking a bath or shower. Clean the body with at least water, tidy up the house, clear excesses and clutter away.

5. Meditation gets better the more you do it like yoga or any other exercise you do. It’s mostly about being present so you won’t have to put so much effort into it. Meditation is effortlessness in action.

6. Do not eat or drink before meditating as you don’t want your tummy to be full or else you won’t be able to breathe as deeply (breathing deeper is meditation so hold off on eating until after meditation is completed). Do this for the best results. You want to be able to allow your stomach to go in and out for its full span.

7. Lay on your back or choose a comfortable chair for sitting. There is no need to sit in lotus for meditation. Unless you do something for circulation in your legs then you could run into the issue of soreness including stiffness in your legs. Meditation should not be painful. Do what is comfortable for your body. Easy does it.

8. Keep the body warm by covering the neck with a scarf or you may want to cover the body with a blanket. I was told by one of my favorite acupuncturists that (heat, energy or qi) within the body leaves the body the through the back of the neck. This is why if its chilly when you cover your up shoulders and the upper part of your back and neck you feel warmer in an instant! Really neat, so the blanket can come in handy here.

9. Breathing is most important. It is the breath that takes us deep into the trance state. Over all, just focusing on breathing and being present is a huge part of truly meditating.

10. This one is a favorite of mine. For added comfort do this: Use a pillow or a small piece of fabric and even a sheet for this. How do you use this? Use it to support your back by adding padding at the curve of the back area to help with correcting breathing, posture and comfort. This helps with sitting up straight which makes breathing that much easier. As a result of doing this one I would say that reaching a deeper state of trance is sure to happen.

11. Avoid excess sugar, salt, over eating and processed foods so you can sit still during a meditation. This helps with being able to relax, to be comfortable, to sit still. A little balance with those things, goes a long way.

12. Thoughts will come and go during meditation, its natural. Don’t worry about trying to fight thoughts out of your head. That will only bring on more unwanted thoughts. Instead you’ll do better to just witness your thoughts then let your thoughts pass without focusing on them. Again simply focus on the breath. Be the witness-not the so called doer!

13. During mediation certain changes happen in the body. The body will sometimes lightly buzz, vibrate, pulse, or heat up or cool down. This is really neat stuff as you feel your true nature in those sensations and also with what’s taking place before the sensations and after them. Notice, but stay present. Place your attention on the breath. Surrender.

14. No two people will have the exact same experience with meditation each time. I feel this is true. That’s why its important that you go into meditation at your own pace.

15. Incense are a no-no for most meditations, there are many harmful incense out there. Also, there are incense that can hinder deep breathing and also breathing properly as well. Hold off if you can. I’m a lover of incense so much I burn them almost daily. Yes, I love incense, however it is easier to breathe way deeper without them in my opinion. During meditation, yoga, qi gong and pranayama I don’t burn incense ever.

16. Keep a pen and paper near during a meditation session, deeper insight is known to come to those who go within (inner wisdom is within, meditation takes you there.) Dreams can become more profound as well with with a regular meditation practice.

17. As you breathe you will find yourself slipping fuller into a naturally peaceful state of being. As you breathe, just place your focus only on your breath, you will go within that middle state of waking and sleeping more rapidly.

18. There will be a point when your breath will continue on without your assistance as it always does. Dive into that rhythm. Just let it happen. As you slip into your natural state of peace you will witness the space between breaths. You will feel the connection to all that is as well. Even more personal divine realizations shall be the result.


What do you prefer to focus on or not during your meditation time? What are you looking to learn about meditation? I look forward to hearing what works for you, leave your comment below.


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