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30 Day Journaling ChallengeGet Started Here

You want to join the 30 Day Journaling Challenge? YES! All you have to do is: START tomorrow. Trust me, I’ll start mine tomorrow early in the day. I will post pieces of spontaneous inspirations along the way. It’s my first time doing one of these online challenges so please bare with me, Free spirited by nature I love letting life do what it wants to do. There are no rules to this. The optional writing prompts with important details are at the bottom of this post.


Hi there! Now that Autumn is just around the corner for us in the U.S. I thought about how much we love to create. As the guidance came through this month the readings kept showing signs of a period of immense healing. I thought about sharing the experience with others who love to write too. I had a couple flashes of inspiration then it was time to begin the very first Naturally High Life challenge! So on we go… there is a deep healing in writing out your thoughts no matter what the purpose is that you decide to join the challenge.

I promise, you will get something that nothing else can give you from journaling about your personal thoughts. You may choose to express those thoughts by creating art, using colors, sketching, writing, doodling, crafting or even combining various methods of self expression. The full moon that left us yesterday is still magnetically pulling us into its mesmerizing field of mysteries. We can have feelings of being swept away by the seconds that pass if we don’t direct our day just a bit.

With Chiron’s meeting with the Pisces full moon yesterday we feel so very playful. Some of you are ready to have fun, expressive, eager to please, relaxed, in love with the possibilities of the minutes in the day. The inner child in all of us wants to come out to complete its works for the sake of shaking things up a little. This Inner child has a desire to be free with you. There is healing to be done. There is so much that is ready to come up and out of our very being right now. So as you journal during these powerful 30 Days enjoy it. You may even cry, reflect, feel sadness, recall the joy, bask in the moments of bliss, reveal your shadow, remember the gift of the present, laugh, release, get angry, be happy, go through the entire gamut of emotions to impressions… In truth, authenticity heals. There is no judgement. We are growing much closer together than before. We’re looking to be lighter instinctually, yes it is so. By the sheer desire of this wanting, clarity will come to pass during the journaling challenge as you lighten up so you can live the best life ever right now!

Now what?

Be open to the nameless pouring of infinite potential expanding through you. Commit to getting started. Use this journaling challenge for writing plus creating however you’re moved to. Use the hashtag: naturallyhighlife30DayJournal to show and tell each day if you want. What kind of journal will you start? The possibilities are wide open.


Starts Wednesday September 10, 2014

For details: @seredadailey or www.Naturallyhighlife.com

Hashtag: #Naturallyhighlife30dayJournal


Grab a Journal, paper or a notebook.

Create, Draw, Flow, Write, Inspire, Color, Share if you like.

30 Writing Prompts~ LET’S GO 🙂


1. Create an about me page               16. I know this is weird but

2. Letting go                                               17. Captivated

3. Now I’m ready                                    18. My soul

4. I often think about                            19.The truth is

5. Surprise!                                                20. I am

6. My past                                                  21. Describe the present moment

7. The color of my childhood            22. My hidden power is

8. My dreams                                           23. I hope to release

9. Fast forward                                       24. I know

10. You move me                                   25. Stuff I daydream about

11. Alone                                                  26. If I release

12. My life                                                27. Love

13. I was so angry!                               28. Inner wisdom

14. Gratitude                                          29. Express yourself

15. Write a poem about today        30. Celebrate

One last thing,

I almost forgot. Please check your September Monthly Channeled Horoscopes here on Naturally High Life. See how they resonate with you. I’m deciding if they’ll be a regular feature or not.

I’ll see you tomorrow with your Daily Channeled Reading and for the Writing Challenge too yey! Have a great evening I look forward to Journaling for 30 Days with you 🙂

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Announcement: Want to uplift your past hurts quicker? Learn how to let go and create an enjoyable  life with the new Naturally High Life Course!

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