A Channeled Loving Meditation to Embrace A Brand New Life Direction


Welcome! Sereda here, the creator of Naturally High Life. I’m here to help you to live the most meaningful life you possibly can with lots of joy and peace.

In light of the last quarter of 2015 with two Eclipses on the way to us. This meditation came through me via channeling during a previous time as we went through a powerful planetary shift at the end of the month of July. To receive this transmission, you can get access below.

We release this meditation to you now. I was guided to not release this meditation until now. There are many more. This one marks the beginning of many more to come.

Do enjoy. Find your peace within. Take your time. Remember to laugh and have some fun. After all it’s only earthly life we’re living.

Hetep, Peace, Namaste’, Sat Nam to All.


Thank you for the connection.



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