A Channeled Ancestral Meditation: To Embrace A Brand New Life Direction

A Channeled Ancestral Meditation:

To Embrace A Brand New Life Direction.


Sacred call of the ancestors-starseed support series



Welcome! Sereda here, the creator of Naturally High Life. 


I’m here to help you to live the most meaningful life you possibly can with lots of joy and peace. I know how it is to be misunderstood, to feel as if you’re so called crazy, to desperately want to fit in somewhere, to be at one with your spirit guides, ancestors and soul group family.


Years ago, I can recall having times when I felt alone, overwhelmed and scared when I needed to connect to both the energies of heaven and earth to become a better version of myself by directly allowing my energy to expand and open up. I did so much crying that I did cry myself a way out of the old situation I was in. I felt such a block during the time when I was doing hours and hours of tarot and energy coaching for my starseed people. When I went to nature for answers-all I heard back from the honest clear breeze was…

That, I needed to be at one with the universe. I was seeing myself as outside of the cycle of life by not feeling connected.

I needed a solution to move me forward. That’s when my ancestors, angels and spirit guides stepped through to offer some straightforward help. You can find the emotional support you want too.



>>>>>>I found a fix! Calming my mind, body and breath.<<<<<<



Maybe its time to relax and to Surrender, I thought:

It was through meditation and breathing deeply I learned how to reflect and how to gain a better vision of who I was and who I want to be. 

Difficult times come and go, this is a time when all starseeds can use support from spirit on how to continue forward. 



We are all starseeds. We are each made of star stuff. Some of us remember who we are.


In light of the last quarter, going through the last two eclipses was major. Its breakthrough time. This meditation came through me during a session where I was channeling my higher self during a previous time as we went through a powerful planetary shift at the end of summer.


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We release this meditation to you now. I was guided to not release this meditation until now. Get it before it goes away.


Please do enjoy. Find your peace within. Take your time.

Remember to laugh and have some fun. After all it’s only earthly life we’re living.

We are Infinite.

Hetep, Peace, Namaste’, Sat Nam to All.

Thank you for the connection.

Queen Sereda



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