A Full Moon Report: After the Boss Full Moon in Aries October 5 and 6th, 2017

Full moon in Aries October 2017

Hey now… happy Weekend to you.


Here we are with another passing hungry full moon in Aries!


It’s Queen Sereda, I’m just the messenger,

The full moon yesterday fell in the first astrology sign on the wheel of the zodiac, which is Aries. 

This is highly significant because it’s teaching us about courage, boldness, taking action, initiating things for birth, success, new ways of being us, conquering challenge, initiation, beginnings, overcoming obstructions quickly.

Alight listen up, the Aries Moon has come to ask some real direct Boss type questions, for example:

Are You Full of Fire and Passion to Get stuff Done?

How do you use your own superpower to take action on your goals more immediately?

How can you use this full moon to benefit you practically and truly?


Listen 👂>>>>The Aries full moon is telling us that if we want something, we can have it and should have it!<<<<

 Full moon in Aries October 2017

Look and Listen to the moon darling

Hopefully you took a little time to stare into the full moon to soak up the reflective healing energy from her luminous majesty. Just in case you haven’t had a chance yet- You still can for like 7 more days or so during this moon cycle. If you stare into the moon, please do so while you’re in a safe place. During the full moon in Aries many folks want to get their goals and the steps to reach their vision ready to take action on this time! Pow!



Many of you will find that you do want to go into a new direction. If you could get started on the new thing-you would probably start today, that’s how ready you are.



The Spirit guide insight today is: To Just Breathe💌💅🏾💞. This is a moment of Dedication to the ancestors 🙏🏾🌙👑❤️


The Aries Full Moon Graces Us With Her Presence and Magic

This year’s hot and initiating Aries harvest moon took place on 2:40 p.m. EDT (1840 GMT) on Oct. 5th 2017. When I woke up yesterday morning, the cool air held fresh beginnings in its breeze. That morning there were leaves all over the ground here in the mountains of Colorado which is the place I’m writing to you from. Also, I have to list the MTN standard time for the full moon below doe where I am. Stay tuned.👑


 Full moon in Aries

Keep reading for more ways to take inspired action:

This is an Aries full moon report.


  1. Its another full moon in Aries!

  2. Right now look 👀 around you 🎁.

  3. The Aries full moon 🌕 reveals the answer to the questions that were most important to you at the last new moon 🌙.

  4. One question that you can ask yourself now is, are you ready for what you’ve been wanting? ☝️


“When you determine what you want, you have made the most important decision in your life. You have to know what you want in order to attain it.” —Douglas Lur


Your Spirit Guides got you.

The Aries Moon yesterday asked the question: How do You desire to use your power beloved? 

The Aries full moon is telling us that if we want something, we can have it! Those of you who are especially sensitive to the energies around you. Plus those of you who consider yourself to be a starseed may feel as if its your time period to really shine and sparkle. Yasss, do it and Do it big! Plan for now and into the future. Go stare at the moonlight to soak up the reflective healing energy from our moon in all of her luminous majesty. She reflects the reflection of us. Get your action steps ready to move at this time to go into a new direction too. You will probably feel both compelled to finish and to start something. This can be mad confusing. Hang in there. Things are tuning around.



Feel the heat from the planet Mars-the ruler of Aries?

…No wonder, Aries is about taking action and leading the pack!

I feel it too. It’s intense…

It was late at night when I suddenly, felt like playing and exercising when I was supposed to be taking my butt to sleep. Around midnight the day before yesterday night I noticed the moon 🌙 looking ever so round. I had to get my investigation on to see what kind of energy I would work with as the Aries full moon comes to grace us with her fire and ice presence.



Full moon in Aries October 2017

You still have time to work with the Full moon.


Full moon times: 

 (Full moons can be felt for about 7 days after its full plus about 4 days before its full as well.)



Los Angeles,
San Francisco,

October 05,
11:40 am (PDT)

Salt Lake City,

October 05,
12:40 pm (MDT)

San Antonio

October 05,
01:40 pm (CDT)

New York,

October 05,
02:40 pm (EDT)


October 05,
07:40 pm (GMT/BST)


October 05,
08:40 pm (CEST)


October 05,
09:40 pm (EEST)

Abu Dhabi,

October 05,
10:40 pm (GST)

New Delhi

October 06,
12:10 am (IST)

Kuala Lumpur

October 06,
02:40 am (SGT)

Hong Kong,

October 06,
02:40 am (WST)


October 06,
05:40 am (EST)


All the moon phases are listed on this website: http://www.moongiant.com/moonphases/october/2017/



 Full moon in Aries October 2017

What exactly is a full moon and how can you use it for your benefit?

It’s important to note 📝 what a full moon actually is then we’ll get into how to use it.

Each month of the year, a potent full moon event takes place in the dark skies for all to see all over the world. The moon is magical and mysterious. Which is why it’s ironic that the moon is considered full once it’s on the side of the Earth which is exactly opposite of the sun.

A full moon generally takes place at the precise moment when the moon is considered to be totally “full”. Once the full moon comes, that’s also when the large three planetary bodies we respectfully know as: The Earth, The Moon & The Sun, line up or align for a short boogy together in a single file line. Once the earth facing side of the moon is completely illuminated by sunlight then the lovely moon is considered full.


What’s Up With this Full Moon in BadAss Aries Though?

This Full Moon highlights all the balance within us and also has to do with the balance we bring to the intimate sides of our relationships, including the relationships we share with our ancestors, family, friends, coworkers, spirit guides, etc. This full moon will highlight the relationships that we have with ourselves as well as others. This full moon is known as the harvest full moon. Throughout our many lifetimes and history, the cultures of the land have given unique names to the full moon based on the time of year of its sightings.


“Long ago, there were important people who would track the passing of time from the glorious moon. The moon is a very obvious timekeeper for ancient civilizations.” -Andrea Jones

Full moon in Aries October 2017

During the Full moon, Live the Warrior Cry of Aries, Shout it ‘I AM’!!!


  1. Are you balanced or could you balance out things more? 

  2. Are you standing up for who you are.

  3. Are you claiming your piece of the pie?

  4. This includes not only our partnerships, but also the way we relate to the world and to life around us.

  5. Are you being extra chill or almost lazy to the point where you feel lost,

  6. Do you feel as if losing yourself to the desires of others is worth it?

  7. Do your connections with others shout love or shame?

  8. Are your partnerships true and equal?

  9. Think about which area of life are you being asked to personally man or woman up with courage, will power, strength while taking action?


Who are you?

Say I Am! Now, what’s your frequency of I AM as you say it? What comes next after you say the word I AM matters. How can you harness your passion now by lining up with your message of who you are at your core-at the center of everything.

 Even if you feel enormously stuck in an unproductive trapping situation STAY UP! This moon says DIG DEEP for your primal survival skills. At this time, you can certainly take a giant leap forward. You will feel more of a connection towards living and embodying your deep core truth. If there are any seeming boulders in the way of you getting where you need to be… You will find that an Aries full moon like this, is going to be an eliminator of obstructions. You can feel exceptionally inspired to FLY! I sure did, I just did a full moon ritual for my spirit guides to help usher in the new energies too. 

If there are struggles and any blockages or whatever obstacles are in your way you can count on the full moon to help you shake off the cobwebs to get into shape to get things checked off your list furthermore. There’s one catch to this, you have to be willing to open up to actually surrender and to trust. Your spirit guides are there to assist with this. Celebrate this connection!



Embrace I AM. Then add your Flavor. Define Yourself. You are supported All the time!


“I AM a divine being remembering my power.

*Feel what you want

*Drop self doubt

*Embrace self love

*Believe in yourself

*Know you have support

The Biggest energy block is A Lot of times, just fear.

Fear is not real.


 September 2014 tarot layout for Sagittarius

Walk the Path of Self Love

Everyone has challenges getting certain things done at least at some point in their life. Fear is only a factor when you feed it, focus on it and follow it around then give it a life of its own. Fear is not a factor when you find ways to align with your passions and truth. When you believe in yourself, when you trust in your life, your path, and your future, fear can be no match-You have to Win. When you believe in something, when your heart’s desire is beating strong, all fear looks small in comparison.


Anchor yourself with your spiritual army. Let them help you become your greatest version of you.

This action of self love, of deeply nourishing oneself, of self actualization is designed to help you not only tune into your heart’s desire to believe in yourself  but it will also allow you swiftly shed any fears that may be blocking your energy and thus your success.

The ritual I did to greatly harness the power of the full moon in Aries will be posted later right here. 

Once you give yourself the love you desire then you will feel more complete just as you are. You have to give yourself all the love you can which will kill any hints of fear that could show up unannounced all over your life. The spirit guides/ angels say to Do good things for you then watch more of the reality you desire fall together like a secret sauce that gets poured all over everything…It’s supposed to be a saucy life- Just for you. Embrace this <3 .


 Queen Sereda

Alright, I’ve typed and said enough for now.

It would be perfect to hear from you to see how you’re dealing with the lunar energy changes at this time with the moon. In your comments, be sure to share your experience with fear and how you deal with it. Also how are you making out during this full moon emotionally, physically and spiritually? Do you work with your Spirit guides, and hows that going for you?



Queen Sereda

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