A New Moon in Taurus Brings the Sweetest Chance for Creative Personal Transformation

Personal transformation is so many things. There are several different methods available for transformation of mind, body and spirit at any time one chooses to make use of it.

Sure personal transformation can be ethereal, mystical, spiritual and deep. It can also be simple, mundane- no less a richly rewarding event in one’s life. Often it’s certainly very private, personal, healing and revealing of things one may have never realized had they never took the time to go digging for answers within themselves. 

Currently a time for even more personal changes is here. Soon there is to be a sweet new moon in Taurus which is asking us all to review how we create in the world.

It’s also asking us to see where we can shift ourselves to be more stable (if we choose) to. This grounding new moon comes with an inquiry of: What does harmony in life mean for us personally?

In other words, what do we value about life, where are we on the personal journey? And how do we feel about us, and about everything else? What do we hold precious plus sacred? 

 Where can we open up more to be devoted to what we Love? What do you love? These questions, along with insights into what we can change to make our lives that much more solid will surely pop into our being at this time.

At this time, dreams are revealing much about answers we’ve had for a while now. Finally we can take full advantage of this moontime to harness it’s energy. This Taurus new moon is wonderful for looking at your long term plans, projects, ideas.

Look at what you hold most dear in terms of property, what you own, what you enjoy, what brings you peace, what reminds you of harmony.

Then, however your insight comes to you, take a second to bring that impulse, feeling, sense, reflection down to earth so that you can use it in your present life Now to further your path. This action can really help life become easier to live-which is something you certainly deserve anyway.

Often we have things come to us as shiny new insight but we struggle with making those insights real on the earthly plane. Especially for us as healers, light workers, light bringers, teachers, creators, channelers, mothers, fathers, lovers, artists etc…

Still, there’s nothing wrong with that. I too, know all too well about receiving insights and not knowing exactly how I was to bring those insights I received into my day to day for everyday practical use. In truth I can write an in depth book about it 🙂 This entire operation had to come down to earth or no one would have ever seen any of it. I’m still learning this each day too. Such great lessons!

Anyway, let me tell you, the sign Taurus just so happens to be an earth sign. Taurus is so very practical and its artsy too~ So how can we use this new moon to earth (give birth) to what we dream of creating in a practical loving way for us? This is certainly something you may find yourself thinking about as we dance close to this delightful new moon.

Set intentions at the new moon. This one thing is most important for bringing goals further along. Next, be sure to check out the gemstones listed in an article I wrote recently. You can find the article on the home page of Naturallyhighlife.com

I’m a huge advocate of gemstones. I feel they  can assist with this wonderful earth energy upon us. Take a second to see what gemstones you may have from the article when you have a chance to look it over. One more thing…

Just in case you missed it, I announced 2 winners for taking the survey on our website. The names of the winners was announced on the recently released Weekly Inspirational Tarot reading videos on Youtube.

That last thing reveals the other announcement that I had for you: Weekly Readings are also back! Yey!! You can find them here. Please do enjoy your evening too. After waking up from a deep short nap this afternoon I really needed to write to you. There’s much to share~

Oh, Mercury Retrogrades from May 19th-June 11th so soon come. If you’re like many people though, you’re already feeling the results of it now. So take your time. Be good to you. If I didn’t say above just when the New moon in Taurus is, allow me to tell you here: It’s taking place on May 18th at 12:15am EST. Listen to your Weekly Tarot Readings for this week as I speak to each sign about what I sense may be playing out this week for you here.

Thanks for all your support. You’re awesome:-)



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