A Passion for Living: Expanding Fire In Your Soul

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“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, wishes. Who looks inside, finds infinite wisdom.”  ― Sereda Aleta Dailey, The Oracle of Poetic Wisdom

Passion For Living 

Many people try to hold a raging fire within themselves, but it restlessly and relentlessly gnaws at their core.

Some have tried to cover it up with alcohol, numb it with drugs, hide it with shopping, kids, work, or religion, or fuel it with sex.

The Baby Boomers looked for eternal youth and to change the world. They thought they would never grow up, but they did. They thought they would change the world and they did.

The previous generation looked for the American Dream. Some found it. Many did not. The present generation seems to be seeking success.

Yet, the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” widens. Each generation and each individual, in turn, searches for something, but it often slips from their grasp.

The Fire Carries Both Energy and Discomfort

The key is to use the discomfort as a motivator and the energy as fuel.

Redfield in the “Celestine Prophecy” talks of the need for a historical perspective. The first man or woman met his/her physical needs.

Then he or she explored and conquered the world and put it to their collective service. Now we seek something and we don’t seem to know what it is.

When we are connected to our roots and our souls, passion rises quickly and pushes us the next level of life or learning or love. It does not have to be love of a mate.

It could be creative passion, fueling what we do for ourselves, work, community, or family. Anything where the totality of who you are is absorbed in the doing, requires passion. To loose it, is soul death, or at least deep sleep. It will cry to be heard when it sleeps.

The Fear of Expanding

I’ve sometimes been afraid of my passion. It seems so fierce at times. I guess I fear it will consume me and nothing else will matter. I know that can happen.

I’ve had a small taste of it when I work for hours into the night, so absorbed by my work that I forget time, sleeping, and eating. But, I also know that I must have time in my life to live the everyday life of doing the mundane things that must be done.

Balance is probably still the key, but you must not lose your passion all together. Your life will be too dry and dull without it.

Remember your first love?

There Was A Time When You Let Your Passions For Living Show Without Fear or Reservation. Nothing else mattered. You felt as if you would walk to the ends of the earth for that love. Remember that?

While that first passionate, all consuming love does not last forever, it gives us a taste of a force within ourselves that carries tremendous energy. Look inside for your life passion and it will find you. Feel compelled to share your thoughts with us. Let us know.

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