About My Divination Readings

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Hello, I’m now back offering some more favorite divination readings that I just love to do so much like these huge long well written extensive personality and compatibility for one person or for two people.


These come as numerology reports, Even full audio readings- the great thing is there are also great deals on bundles available just for you coming soon.



Allow me walk you through everything offered here 


First off let me offer you this, if you’re looking for more energy balance inside and outside then check out: The chakra reading which comes with a couple questions during the reading plus it also comes with a specific chakra meditation just for you to assist in balancing any blockages in your chakras. Replacing stagnant energy with positive vibrant vibes. This is quite often vital for moving forward to stop procrastinating.



However, if you’re looking for other options for readings just continue reading for even more options~



The most popular reading to work with me is the

Illustrious Astrology reading, a numerology report, Iching reading or a tarot reading!

These are my favorite since I’m big on clairaudience and I love to read for you. This allows me to do both of those at the same time.


Please note: Due to me getting more busy I’m no longer doing email readings for now as they really take a great deal of time 🙂 I’m a bit too detailed to do them super quick. It’s important that you get all the messages that come up as I read for you. I want readings to be more personable so you can hear my voice. Audio readings are a treasure for that and for time. Thanks current clients and friends for understanding. You know I love you.



Now let me explain the audio reading

A favorite with my clients. I’m excited to tell you about these. Audio readings are like speaking to me over the phone. Also you can listen to the message repeatedly and use the recording to take notes and journal any insights. With an audio reading you will receive a Youtube video which is just like the versions of my monthly tarot readings by sign on youtube.



The cool thing is that I make your personal reading private where no one has access to it but you. Your reading will stay private forever! Also, I do the reading complete with a picture of the spread. Then I send you a message with each card in your reading to include you in the reading as if we’re face to face. I enjoy hearing your insight into your reading as well since you know better than anyone else what’s going on. I’m here to offer clarity. But you’re the one in full control. 



I do offer face to face and over the phone sessions below so keep scrolling to find that option if you’re interested. Oh yes, if that’s not enough to make you want one then let me stress that I also make sure you’ll have a picture of the spread so you can see each card then I do an interactive activity where you’re able to work your own intuition to read the cards if you like and I highly recommend it! 🙂



Before you order:  Any question’s please me under the contact tab or on my Instagram account: www.instagram.com/queen_sereda. Also, if you want to know what to expect about the divination process… Read our Frequently asked questions here.