An Introduction to My Story: The Importance of a Teacher in Life

The importance of a teacher Have you ever had a time when you were learning how to do something but then, other people around you didn’t support what you were into?


Sure, we’ve all been there. I recently had a beautiful woman send me a message. And her question was about when you have family members that don’t appreciate the type of work you do. She wanted to know how do you overcome a situation like that? When I got this message I was enthusiastic to get started writing on this very topic. She asked me about my own journey and then I have had some other people recently asked me about my story. I feel it’s about time that I share my story. 



Some people just got into occult knowledge recently. Others have been diving into the deeper mysteries, metaphysical science, mysticism, and meditation for a great while. Many all over the world are into yoga for example. However they wouldn’t consider what they have learned in Yoga to be metaphysical or hidden knowledge but it was in the past. It’s still scared now too. Thus, in the scope of learning any branch of yoga a person has to learn some deeper truth about life, the world and their own lifestyle purpose, plus meaning too.


Let me tell you though, I definitely have been doing this for a while literally obsessed with studying over the years. Mostly with understanding how a person could be better also, how I could be better. So as the years progressed once I was in my 20’s I got into numerology that much more. I studied tarot, oracle cards, tea leaves, astrology, using a pendulum, angel runes, and the Iching oracle system too. I used to wonder if what I was doing would go anywhere since it was so out of the box. Then I realized that I don’t do it for all that. I do it to be of service and to live my destiny in the world.


I bet some who read this have had similar experiences. Just know you’re not alone. A lot of what I did to get to where I am today was truly guided- even though I didn’t always heed the call. Most important as well, was the fact that I incarnated as a black woman to continue the work of my ancestors, which has been a big motivating factor in life. As a young woman, I learned the hard way on so many of things. Look back now; I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I say that because Experience is a great teacher! Damn it can be a rough teacher as well. This is why there are teachers in the world who help to assist with helping us all to understand things.


Teachers assist us with cutting down on our learning curves! This is specifically why teachers should certainly get paid for all they magically simplify then pass on to us. This reminds me of my latest online class called: Spirit Guide Alignment. It’s there where I go into more about the importance of working with your group of spiritual teachers while you’re down here on the planet. We dive into the essential steps on how to get a clearer connection to your spirit guides even if they happen to also be your ancestors. To get instant access, visit Working with one’s Spirit Guides is one of the most important events in a persons life.

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