Big dreams…

Hi, here’s a quick post to share a small piece of my day today.

One of my dreams has been to travel the world. I set that intention at least 6-7 years ago. My mate happens to want to do the same.

Intention is everything. Please be sure to set your goals. Place them on paper. Keep adding to this list. Practice feeling good more than bad in your life. Be honest with yourself. These are some of the lessons and also principals I’ve learned since I started this blog back in the earlier 2000’s.

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Here are some pictures from earlier today so you can see what we saw…

…We went to an rv park with brand new Rv’s. This one here is one of the A class ones. Like top of the line. I’m looking forward to being in nature more… going to even more parks.

Yes, and honey… they were doing it way big with those Rv’s (goodness gracious!). Go check them out for yourself.. I smell more freedom on the horizon.

…One day- ttyl, Queen Sereda

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