Bliss List

One way to appreciate your progression in life is to keep a record of it. A Bliss List is my way of charting my path this lifetime to live more authentically. A Bliss List is a reminder of what I deserve to be doing, if I haven’t already. My goal is to do everything listed. Accountability is the key- Since this list is online, someone will remind me to stay the course. I am holding myself fully accountable for enjoying the experience of living my bliss list. Feel free to start one too.


Visit a park for 30 days straight

Start a blog and keep it up

Write 3 Ebooks

Publish 3 paper back novels

Self publish

Get a job as a freelance writer

Visit Africa

Make a dress on my sewing machine

Crochet a dress

Watch a good movie each week

Meditate regularly

Learn Kundalini Yoga

Make a line of jewelry

Make a vision board

Learn How to crochet

Make money online

Learn Energy Healing

Go natural

Start a radio show

Move closer to family

Teach Reiki classes

Learn how to make videos

Motivate someone daily

Do Qi Gong regularly

Throw away/ let go of all the excess stuff

Write in a journal daily

Go to Africa to assist with healing

Do some modeling

Publish 20 Ebooks/ books

Visit natural hot springs

Go camping

Stay in Canada for a week (Niagara Falls)

Go on a cruise

Visit Japan

Live in London

Live in India

Visit Australia

Live in California

Travel to Egypt

Live in Africa

Visit Mali

Publish a poetry book

Teach around the world


What are the top 5 things on your Bliss List.. Do share?!

Or you can just start one~

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