Bodywork details

IMG_8722What happens during a session?

  • Both in person and over the phone sessions are given in the same manner.
  • The bodywork is sensual in nature but there is no Sex
  • Energy knows no limits.
  • Sessions are the same in person and over the phone.
  • No Sex, no fondling body parts, kissing, touching, etc.

Bliss Returned Tantra energy sessions include some time discussing what your concerns are, looking deep within you and sometimes delving into your past if necessary for clues as to why you are experiencing the challenges or limitations that you feel. Your concerns may be of a sexual nature or perhaps another.

To have a Tantra session done there is no sex. The environment is quiet, loving, tranquil and supportive. However, You would be in a laying down with loose clothing on or however you feel comfortable.

Additionally, I use Tantric breath-work and movement techniques to activate and begin to move sexual energy. I also use sensual touch activation hand movements combined with clearing and discussion of your emotions and any images that come up during the session to create a holistic and deep understanding of your unique process of healing and returning to wholeness.

Afterwards, an evaluation and assessment is provided through discussion to map out further treatments and “homework or after care guidance” is given that the client does on their own between sessions.

With guidance and by consciously working with your sexual energy, the emotional-psychological energies that may be active can fall away. Through sacred sensual healing it’s possible to gain deeper understanding of your energy blocks and or emotional wounds to release what is blocking, hindering, holding back or limiting your full experience of a fulfilling life, experiencing deep love, intimacy and sexuality.

Open your heart. Honoring Sacred Sexuality,  A path of Love

Energy work gently leads us to become more appreciative of our senses. There’s wisdom in paying attention to the way one feels. Through balanced energy cultivation we align with the best part of ourselves which is divine and all powerful. In sacred sensual energy work the rhythm of our body and breath become aligned again through honoring who we are. Becoming sensitive to the flow inside ourselves and in others is a treat, a gift and a path which rests at the beginning of what many would call a Tantra Journey.

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