New Moon in Leo! 7/26/14

Peace and much love it’s Sereda with your July 26th Leo Moon highlights!

Today’s cards are: Transformation, Crown chakra, The waiting game and Passion ignited.

This is a time to ride the wave of your ultimate Confidence, be bold, charismatic, creative and take risks right now! Don’t second guess yourselves at this time. Do what you’re being called to do. You had the last 8 months while Leo has been in Libra to take a look around to  take in the scene. Fortunately for those of you who are ready to put in the work now is the time to get into it.

Many of us have been waiting for this moment to arrive. We have the great cycle of life coming forth again. It’s a huge portal to manifest and go out and grab what it is you desire. What are your passions? What have you been dreaming of? This moon is another Super Moon, so it’s closer to the earth so its so much more potent than a regular new moon.

Do you hear the call of the Leo new moon today? It’s summoning us to come out from our comfortable resting places to return to our passions since we’re all restored from the past few months lessons. Now that you’re fully rested up, refreshed, fired up and ready to go. Without waiting a second, it’s time to make some money! It’s also time to finish the projects you’ve been promising yourself that you would go back to wrap up once you found that inner spark.

Whether you started your projects last year, month, or whatever it’s time that you wrap them up and call them ready to roll as of today. No half stepping this thing either. You’re ready. Trust it.

Back to these lingering plans, Pull out those projects they’re sure to make you some  money now. Look at the line up of cosmic energy we have access to now. You can’t lose with this fantastic vibe in the atmosphere.

It’s time to combine your passion with taking proper action to set your life into a mode of on going successful completion. It’s a time of work, organization, identification with our past ideas and getting to work so put life into a clear balance so that we can get the most out of it.

Some of you are reluctantly dancing around in life doing the waiting game shuffle. As of today, the past is over by now the path you want to take should be pretty clear to you. Although it may seem to be such a long long way to reach your goal (some of you) Take a moment to look over the beautiful sights as you pass. See all the beautiful decisions you made before that lead you to where you are today. Meditate, don’t hold on to that vision for long though since now your done with planning it. Contemplate for like 1 second then get to business. If you need a moment to catch your breath do it while you sleep overnight. Simply sleep wake up and allow your brilliance to to shine big time.

This moon will be felt for 2 weeks although its important to use this energy while its at its fullest which is NOW. Many of you are experiencing a falling away of an older part of you. The part that used to seem so heavy plus worn out is at last ready to be transformed. The transformation will be You moving out of the past and into what you really want to do. You can see that life is sped up at the moment if you step outside which is where you want to be. Entrepreneurs, artists, all who look to meet new people, you could be outside mixing it up! Entrepreneurs gotta mix it up online or offline- you already know should be networking entrepreneurs.

The Leo moon is here to reveal to you just how much you have matured over the past few years. The ruler of Leo is Mars, which inevitably matures us. It’s true that Saturn does mature us in its seemingly long drawn out way. Saturn has its way it also works with you to help you to wait then grasp your own life lessons repeatedly. Some of us have found it to be like running the same running track hundreds of times over only to keep falling and hitting our heads then going back to test the scene again and again. Oh what fun You say! 🙂

Saturn teaches patience through taking us through a lesson called the waiting game. You learn to master your personal truth as you begin to realize that making a plan is best and that foundation is necessary to get to your next level. One of the The ultimate goals for us from Saturn is Structure and maturity!

Leo teaches us that in another way though. Leo doesn’t ask you to slow down or to plan, nor does it even ask you to structure your life for success. Instead Leo gives you the keys, gives you the go ahead, lends you the energy, motivation, enthusiasm, fire to set your visions full steam ahead. Before the middle of the month and throughout this very same year and even in the the beginning of the year for some signs, you may have felt a drastic stagnation come over all that you were trying to get off the ground. Worry not that is over for now.

Now you’re finding that your turn is up. At last you’re about to make moves! At once the steps you’re taking are suddenly sticking. Your confidence is soaring at this passion ignited Leo full moon. The plans Saturn taught you to place together during its retrograde period are thoroughly absorbed now that Saturn has gone direct this month. Mercury was asking you to not start anything new during its retrograde period. Mercury retrograde is not coming back around until October 4 to 28th. 

This month is asking you to drink your water, keep your head clear, eat some delicious food, trust me you’ll need it. Or in other words replenish yourselves as you go for all that truly matters to you. Use this two week window as you will feel the effects of this yummy Summer new moon for that long. Use this time to get active on your personal plans of course, also get active in an exercise program, or simply expand your leading success focus.

Today you’re asked if you’re doing what you want to be doing? Are you happy about where you’re going? What are you doing about it if you’re not happy about it. I’m here to tell you to get to work today to see immediate improvements in your lifestyle if you really want it! You can do it. This moon also asks you to take action to use the increased vigor you’re feeling to move close to what you want to be doing. Take a trip if it’s related to improving your life or work in some way, go to school, get in shape, connect with good people, network, expand your net worth, make some money, put into motion your dreams while the passionate new moon is present to light your path and to help you finally get things done. Stagnation is a thing of the past for now. Dance in it! Allow your light to radiate as bright as you like. The time to shine has come . No need to hold back. Express your gifts.

This fiery new moon is also coupled with Jupiter too making it an excellent new moon to initiate new ventures. Be spontaneous now. Enjoy the moment. Go in nature, be a leader, blaze the trail, do something creative for you. You will find the universe to be especially generous to you All now. Be your own leader now. Allow the transformation of the last 8-6 months to come through you. Let your magically creative self go for the opportunities. Be yourself. Drop the mask. LOve yourself. Be who you want the world to see you as. Be true. Be authentic, then Love yourself some more. Speak your truth. Network with those like you who will remind you that you’re right on time.

Alright, you’ve done the work, you’ve sacrificed your time and energy now its time to go forth and let it all magically be.

Peace and infinite love to you.

Enjoy your time on earth.

Oh yes, Please Come back on this 1st of August for August’s Tarot Forecasts for each sign. And if you’d like a one on one consultation with me please go to services and let’s talk. Speak to you soon. ~Sereda

The Bliss Goddess

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