Channeling Your Higher Self and The Importance of Grounding

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So let’s continue-
There was something specific on my mind today so I wanted to share that with you. I imagine this newsletter will find you in peaceful spirits. The topic that seems to be most useful right at this time is how to ground oneself in the now when channeling your higher self.

Hopefully I’m not completely offbeat by sharing these tips today with you. The newsletter that was coming out before is currently changing to a more juicy one. There was a request to get tips on channeling the higher self! So its a new year, new day, brand new month so we will go into that since it is something we all have the ability to do.

My guides expressed that it’s the perfect moment in time to see that this vital information is restored in those of you who desire it.

Generally we are interested in the things we already do ourselves. This may only be a refresher for some of you so its still my wanting that this is helpful. Let’s continue here: The attraction to information is usually that we are already called to do something naturally that we want to receive guidance and tips on how to best do what we already do or have such an interest in.

It may be safe to say that, some of you, if not all of you enjoy some form of channeling. There are lists of ways to channel your higher self. We won’t get into all of those here today however we’ll touch on a few.

Now how are you personally channeling greater wisdom into what you do? In my opinion, all channeling is neat stuff. There is a great passion present when there’s channeling going on. In 2015 channeling the higher self needs to be further explored.

Channeling is several things, whether that be in the form of channeling healing energies, angels, long lost spirits, otherworldly extraterrestrial, ancestral, all kinds of expanded wisdom, or simply turning out lovely visual art, doing creative writing or journaling, dancing. Maybe even, expressing your higher self verbally in teaching others, in cooking, channeling your higher self in musical pursuits, then finally you could even channel your higher self when you perform and do readings for yourself and or the public. There are so many ways to channel so I don’t know if we could ever cover all the modalities in one place. Lol. 😀

Before going let me share some tips on how to remain grounded when channeling. Most importantly to being grounded plus for being centered is to balance the root chakra itself. Working with the Sacral chakra really helps too.

For now the Root chakra is the main focus for us delightful intuitives. Don’t worry we’ll go more into the main 7 chakras as the weeks unfold too. If you’re already doing this work, if you could share some ways that you ground yourself on the blog that would be great.

Why should we focus on grounding ourselves? Being in a place of centeredness is very important on this planet to make manifest what we desire. For instance I’m a sensitive person so grounding does so much for me. In a few hours, I’m going to catch a football game downtown with my husband where there is always lots of people walking around. Grounding works like a charm for me! I’m leaving soon so I’ll share only a few tips today then more later, promise. Let me let you know that I’m using grounding techniques daily!

The first chakra is concerned with our connection to the earth. This chakra acts as our root connecting us to the planet harmoniously. This chakra is linked to our very basic fundamental needs for survival- sustenance too, along with shelter, safety and the health of our physical body.

1. Here are 3 gemstones you can carry with you for grounding. You really only need to carry one. As I type this I’m using Rainbow Obsidian, Bloodstone, Ruby with a Herkimer Diamond crystal to enhance all of the gemstones effects. You don’t have to do this but if you’re like me, large crowds have never really been my thing since I’m an intuitive empath who can sense every tiny little subtle energy when I go out if i don’t first ground myself to earth.

2. You can also take Gem elixirs I’ll have to show you pictures of my gem elixirs, as I do make my own. Plus I do take these daily. Again this is not so important for everyone but it works wonders for some of us.

3. Essential oils are easy to use and straight to the point. The ones I’m using today are Amber, Frankincense and Cedarwood.

4. Alright this is one of the most simple of the five we’ll discuss today and its using the color Red. How can you use it though? For one you can imagine a deep rich color red in your mind. Then you can opt to wear red, eat red fruits, you can also consume more grounding foods like for instance potatoes, even root vegetables.

5. You can go outside and walk in nature barefooted, hug trees, connect with nature in many ways.

6. You can chant the seed sound LAM several times while focusing on the location of your Root chakra which is energetically located at the perineum, at the base of the spine.

Alright I’m going to go, please let us know how you work with your first chakra dear hearts. Peace and pleasure to you on this Sunday in January. I’ll have the readings out for week and for Monday later on. Enjoy your day.

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