Channeling Your Higher Self, Reach For The Stars.

The moment you decide on a goal to work toward, you’re immediately a successful person — you are then in that rare group of people who know where they’re going. Out of every hundred people, you belong to the top five. Don’t concern yourself too much with how you are going to achieve your goal — leave that completely to a power greater than yourself. All you have to do is know where you’re going. The answers will come to you of their own accord, and at the right time. Start today. You have nothing to lose — but you have your whole life to win. -Earl Nightingale

 Hi Darling~

Yes, certainly its Another tea kinda morning. I’m listening to my daily success principles for a few minutes at least before I get completely into the day. 1-15 minutes a day listening to reminders on success tips inspires me to keep on going. What inspires you? How do you stay on top of your game in your world? 

So today’s tea is a Vanilla Spice Yogi tea. This particular tea is nice-its pretty smooth. I’m already on my second tall cup now. Today I’m drinking my tea plain. Although I truly enjoy drinking tea with milk and honey in it, I, like you probably don’t like all teas that way. For instance, green tea straight up is preferred over adding anything to it, for me anyway. Beyond the tea focus its shaping up to be a hopeful day. I truly want to finished something today before I get really busy again.

I’ve gotten up thinking about art today. Something is happening in the stars I feel it, don’t you? The ingredients for making something out of nothing are gently sitting there on this day waiting to be worked with for all of us.

Also happening soon is a delightful full moon! This fertile treat is just around the corner so no wonder the energy feels so rich. There is this huge energy building up. This lunar energy will peak on the 4th of April which is also the day of the full moon. It’ll be worthy to use the time upon us as fully as we can.  Visualize expansion as the moon builds to focus on projects, ideas plus you may want to use it on getting unstuck in any area of your life, if need be.

April is creeping around the corner. Whoa. Are you ready to step into a whole new month in just a few more days? It’s so neat how far into the year we are. Progress is certainly being made! Your comments and sharings are inspiring to me. Keep working on those goals. Everything wanted will work. But we’ve gotta work it! (Re-read the quote at the top of this letter)

The other day I was listening to Earl Nightingale with my husband. It seems as if tuning in success tools are important in actually personally winning. I’ve been learning that if you want to know how to get anywhere just practice getting better until it happens. Sometimes it seems to take forever. It will happen though.

Well, that’s where I am. I continue to study as if I’m a beginner in metaphysics, in art, in attracting what I want in my life. I step to it like a beginner each time as if I know nothing about being a woman, creative writing, Tarot, intuition and what it takes to channel your higher self.

Honestly my ego has been blown out of the water before as everyone elses has. Now I find it empowering to simply be a student who is open to learning repeatedly. I’ve found that approaching this life as a young person would, keeps the experience new, fresh and enticing. This approach seems to encourage one to explore each subject further and deeper. I love that.

This Wednesday, I desire to only do what inspires me. It takes a conscious effort lol. It’s daily work honesty which I find is worth it 🙂  How about you? What can you do to approach this life of yours in a more innocent, fresh way? How can you set your intentions in a clearer format for the universe to help you grow furthermore?

Let’s be clear that I know you’ve already heard all this success talk before. Being successful is no secret. If you were to turn on any motivational video to hear how its done you have heard what I’m sharing with you already.

However its all important. It’s Motivation which is the magic that truly helps us to remember to focus. It’s the fuel that helps to Channel Your Higher Self. It’s what helps us to take action too! Staying motivated  is easy. It’s so simple many experts say. let me share this one gem with you before I go…

“Act as though it were impossible to fail,” as Dorothea Brande said. 

There’s an audio recording called The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale on Youtube. If you’re wanting some fine tuned motivation in your life then go check that out. Just search for it by name. It’s very old but still well in alignment with the success mindset that is needed to really keep one going even when the times get rough. Do let me know what you think about the video once you listen to it. I will read all of your responses as always but I may not be able to respond to all of you. 😀 So, the video I mentioned above is by the same person who also wrote the quote included in this newsletter by the way. Here’s a link here to that video if you decide to listen to it.. 

You all have a wondrous week. Practice staying the course. Channel Your Higher Self. One step is all it takes to get unstuck. One step is all it takes to get started. It only takes one step to get to the next level! Inspirational vibes are all over the air. When I woke up today, I felt as if I was creating some masterpiece in the dream state last night. Now I’m all awake, its a foggy morning here. It’s a good time to write, meditate, to work, to imagine the possibilities, to create some type of art, to do a little Qigong or Yoga. 

In this moment as I close out, I’m reminded that patience is a virtue as I eagerly write to you. It’s good that one step is all it takes to end up closer to our dreams. Well, have a good day. Check out the Monthly Inspirational Psychic Tarot readings for March and April on the website. There’s a link on here in the tabs above this page to lead you straight to your Astrology sign by Moon, Sun or Ascendant sign. You can find those links to the videos on Youtube by visiting when you get a chance. Follow me on Instagram and on Twitter as well below. (Blessings & Big hugs your way) 

Thank you for existing <3 Peace.


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