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Peace, thank you for visiting Naturally High Life. It’s a photo (8)great time to Transform to the very best one can be. I’m Sereda and it’s so nice to meet you. I want to assist you on your journey. There could be any number of reasons why you have come to this site. So if you are looking to get some relief, confirmation, insight, answers, encouragement or even to grab a hold of pure clarity in various areas of your life then, I can certainly help with that. 

I’ve been an intuitive for a while. I look forward to speaking with you. For more details on my coaching approach please continue reading or if you are ready then schedule a One on One with me then, perfect!

Sessions take place via In person, by email, over the phone, or via video chat on Google hangout or on Skype.

Here are some specific benefits to my Empowerment sessions:

* When you have a session with me- you are also having a session with ascended guides as well. 

* An Authentic Relational Approach

You will benefit from having someone who’s called to draw the best out of you in a quality relationship that’s real, supportive and continually encouraging.

* Life Purpose and Fulfillment
You will gain more clarity on who you are, what truly matters and how to get there by tapping into your unique gifts. You will also be motivated,  challenged, encouraged plus  supported to help you define and pursue the dream the Universe is calling you to fulfill.

*Growth and Change
You get a clear picture on the challenges you are facing and be equipped with the tools to act on them resulting in greater growth and achievement.

photoSome areas I’m asked to assist in are… 

Teaching, giving personal readings and/ or consulting in the areas of-

  • Business Forecasting
  • Kundalini rising
  • Psychic ability nurturing and development
  • Relationships and Partnering
  • Metaphysical and general  writing
  • Dream interpretation
  • (KKR Reiki) Energy balancing
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Communication with nature and animals
  • (Mediumship) Communication the deceased
  • (Channeling) downloading and relaying messages from angels, guides, ascended masters and ancestors
  • House blessings and cleansings

*Your first scheduled consultation can benefit you in ways you may never have thought of. 

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Why Hire me?

Just imagine a combination of your Best friend, your most cherished Healer, Teacher, Clairvoyant  your most honest Empowerment Manager, and your most positive Visionary available and committed to your highest personal development. That’s it, I’ll speak to you soon. Peace and blessings, Sereda.



☆☆ Love and light to you☆☆

Discover and know THE TRUTH in YOUR LIFE MATTERS!




I work with spirit guides, ancestors, angels and ascended masters to give the message that needs to be delivered to you.

photoMy gifts are:
☆Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Empath, Energy Worker☆

I will assist you with innate gifts to give you readings in order to help you make decisions or a deep change in your life. I come to empower and encourage you. My job is to assist you with seeing the options available to you in your life. You have the power though at all times. I read the underlining concerns from a reading. And can speak to you about about your past-present-future relationships, finances, career and ever evolving life situations. No matter what the question is I can assist you in gaining further perspective, clarity, with solving problems in your dear life. Remember one important thing, there is Never any sort of judging here. Know that I welcome all of you and thank you for accepting me too 🙂

As a psychic and healer, we’ll peek into your multifaceted life and find a direction that is best for you. Life is so full of expanded infinite possibilities. There’s no limit to what can happen in your life. You are always the decision maker, you have free will. I’m here to share all that comes up that you may or may not see. I can help with bringing insight so that you can see possibilities. You do have a choice about which route you’re willing to take. I do this in a very positive, easy going, straightforward way. I’m here to help you do what’s best for you.

Distant healing works! Don’t hesitate to get a session with me. Readings are on point. This is real business. Be sure to go Subscribe to me on Youtube. The Youtube videos I do each month by Astrology sign can inspire too. So, if you want to hear me do an audio reading- If you’re curious of how I sound, or how I give spiritual guidance. If you want to hear me while I’m Channeling my highest self (SAHYOFEYA) then go Check out my Youtube channel to listen to the Monthly Channeled Inspirational Tarot Readings from me right here.


Thank you so much, connecting with you has made a huge difference in my life,you inspired me immensely in just a few 2weeks or so of connecting with you I have begun visualising my centre (company) i’m feeling different n happier than before…have been procrastinating for far too long, thank you for bringing it to my attention…much love


Peace thanks you for assisting me in my phases of healing.


IMG_6332.JPGAs a healer, business consultant, relationship guru and spiritual advisor she brings such a healthy balance of energy and understanding to all those that are receptive and ready for healing and progress. Sereda has done a destiny reading, compatibility reading, and numerology reading, reiki attunement and offered extremely helpful business advice. On the business end, she has a great grip on insight on how to make a impact in the digital era we’re in right now.

The destiny reading unveiled things I always wanted to know, especially about negative psychic energy, and I now have a better understanding about how vulnerable I am to outside psychic forces and. The Reiki attunement was unlike anything I’d ever felt spiritually. When she said it was showtime; it was showtime! I felt the energy. She offers a customized approach to healing that suited me. If you’re fortunate enough to witness her do a spiritual download with one of her healing crystals, lets just say there won’t be any non-believers in the room. The great thing about her is that she genuinely wants to heal people. She is driven by the desire to succeed, but isn’t doing it for the money. She’s simply aspiring to do the work her ancestors have asked her to do. Sereda is the real deal! Make no mistake about it.


After getting several sessions of energy work from Sereda; each time I have always experienced breakthroughs, clearly and inevitable. This sister knows true unconditional love, and it is through her actions and demeanor that I have further learned that love is about your capacity to be aligned with source. Thank the creator for healers like Sereda. Her freedom in her energy of self and her style of being has taught me to let go and let live … and all is well.

I was born a psychic. I have very strong healing powers too. I love being of service to others. Don’t get me wrong of course I have my safe boundaries too:-) Healers must find their own balance someway, somehow. You already know- I have also received certificates, certifications, training as well as my ministers ordination.

I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Reiki Healer
Spiritual Guide & Coach

I can construct a personal numerology or astrology reading for you and give you written interpretations with them. (ORDER READING WITH NUMEROLOGY Report)
I can guide you on how to awaken your own gifts too!! Each tarot reading comes with an exercise geared to help you with tapping into your own powerful intuitive skills. 

(Ask for Intuitive Coaching and Guidance)


Looking for Emergency Ascension Support

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(These are on hold for now) I can give you email readings as well. (I love to write so these are a favorite of mine!) (I’m so busy I had to put this type of reading on hold to offer audio reading instead 🙂 I need my writing time to complete a small book project for now.  


I can give recommendations on focus areas to help move things along with issues just ask. It’s usually something simple that can help with shifting the tides… 

Body & Spirit
Soul mates
Sex & Intimacy
Love & Relationship
Break up
Career & Finance

I am honest and always do my best for you. I do work for the highest rating in my sessions that I can get though. Me and several other readers do agree that we are not 100% right all the time with everything. Honestly no one is. High ethics is key here at Naturallyhighlife.com though at all times. Karma is real, or at least cause and effect are real so I mind my manners. Trust really is everything to me. one last thing before I let you go is, I feel The best rating on a scale from 1-5 is ***** five stars. Thank you so much for these. I will indeed work for them. Just share your experience with me. I appreciate your inquiry as well. 

Check out my rates or to book a session with me 



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Looking for Emergency Ascension Support