Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Fri, Sat, Sun February 6, 7 ,8 2015

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Weekend Channeled photo (28)Inspirational Reading for Fri, Sat, Sun February 6, 7 ,8 2015. A 3 card spread was done.The #15 Master, #10 Flow & #6 Love cards came up. By: Sereda.

***The Psychic Tarot of The Heart Oracle deck by John Holland was used for this reading.***

Speaking pleasant words without practicing them, is like a fine flower without fragrance. ~The Buddha 

There’s much in terms of love concerns in the air over the weekend. Passion is still in…which means people who don’t have it in their lives will see it then decide if they want it then they’ll notice how to cultivated their personal passion fast and easy through their own energy body.

The lights will be on love overall-If not love in the form of romantic love then it may be love which has already run its cycle out already. From the looks of it, some of the unions in love showing up over the next couple days are in need of immediate balance. Maybe you have already found the balance together by looking at what is or is not on point. If there is a balance issue then This lack of balance that is showing up has to do with people feeling as if they are bond to others as more of an obligation than in a loving union.

There may have been or could presently be signs of jealous behavior, insecurities from one or both parties. The sensation of feeling drained due to constant thoughts being placed on a sinking relationship are wearing some of you thin over time. Decisions, decisions.

The opportunity for change is here and ready to take you plus loved ones under its wing rightfully. At present you stand a great chance to learn about how you don’t have to separate different parts of your life into pieces for it all to work well or even for it to make sense. The sign clear indication of the wheel of fortune card does show up in this spread. This aspect brings clearly to light that a change in your favor is up for grabs. The signs of this could show this weekend in fact while you’re minding your own business.

There is a gift in being able to see that all parts of your life are integrated parts of a whole..Next, a drastic change in communication with a lover is denoted here within the reading too. It’s time to untie yourself- to rid yourself from the co dependency patterns finally. So if it was you who has been working on being independent of another person so you can focus more on you then you’re in line for this influence to lift so you can go on your merry way harmoniously so! Plan your steps if this speaks to you and have a nice time once the time comes.

This could be a sign also that you should look into taking things like work, business ideas, your network and relationships, look to them more seriously going forward to reap the greatest benefit from any one of them to lift you higher. Channel your higher self in all that you do.

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