Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Monday January 5, 2015

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Monday January 5, 2015. A 3 card spread was done.The 8 of Wands, King of Swords & Knight of Cups cards came up. By: Sereda.

***The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck by Virginijus Poshkus was used for this reading.***

“An enemy is like a treasure found in my house, won without labor of mine; I must cherish him, for he is a helper in the way to Enlightenment.” Shanti Deva

Hi there, It’s been an enlightening time during the Cancer full moon which took place on Sunday for us on the East coast. Did you sense the creative energies present on Sunday? Well, i’ve got to tell you that, I (Sereda) feel so healed even though there’s more work to do. Empowerment, yes that’s it too. I bet, I’m sure you’ll feel some of that refreshing lunar stuff as well. Let’s get on with the reading, shall we?!

I’m willing that all of you had a nice weekend. If not this reading will boost your spirits anyway. (big hugs to you) Everything is really moving so fast, stuff you want is coming at you! Some of you are looking profoundly into possibilities in the area of small business, work and/ or career.

You could be attuned to a powerful focus, with a deep meaningful stance you’re getting ready to embark upon a nourishing movement in your life which can change everything for the better. Right now you’re certainly watching while everything fills in with lots of abundance energies on it.

When you look at where you’re headed you would know that the days of kicking back with lemonade just taking it easy are easily over with. The Pro’s here are that, if you will guard against getting all wrapped up emotionally into when you’ll make your future step forward.. you’ll see change quick. Then you may just like the outcome and when it upfolds that much more.

There are people in your life who are holding a space for you who may be attempting to light a path along with you so that you can gain clarity in the coming days upon where your goals are going to take you. This day you’ll want to look out for being overly serious in some way so as to get to the money you’re so looking over your shoulder to attract.

The Cons are that you appear to be speaking your truth straight up and down to all who need any clarification on what you’re on at this time. This can also be looked at as a Pro for you. For others it may be a Con for them though 🙂

Also be mindful of people who may be power stuck in a managerial position or this could be a lover too.. these people may be giving out more in the way structured expectations, recommendations and ideas for your growth which may rub you the wrong way possibly depending on how you look at the situation.

You have started the year off determined to be different than the year before which you are certainly excited about. We’re happy for you too. Good work! Now read over the Angel reading for this week if you missed it. 

Go to the website to sign up for our creative newsletter with updates just for you. Muah, have fun ~We appreciate you, if you need more clarity go back to read this weeks daily, weekend and weekly readings. We guarantee you will find what you seek. For now, Remember your Peace. We look forward to your comments, tags and sharing as always! We care for you so Very much, Sahyofeya (Sereda’s spiritual guide) For you, It’s all love. Take care. If you’d like a one on one reading with me then check out my website so you can book a time with me here www.naturallyhighlife.com .  Stay tuned  comments on Instagram or on naturallyhighlife.com I love to hear from you~

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