Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Thursday December 25, 2014

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Daily Channeled 
Inspirational Reading for Thursday December 25, 2014. A 3 card spread was done. The 6 of Cups, King of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune cards came up. By: Sereda. 

***The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck by Virginijus Poshkus was used for this reading.***

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Life doesn’t wait. Life brings to you whatever lesson it needs to lead you to. It does this in order to help you to grow. It’s beautiful what is happening as of this moment in time for those of you who read this. A great shifting has been washing over everyone.

Although each person is handling things differently based on their own personal know how plus their very own level of understanding of what is. You will see this change happening big time with those of you who are Starseeds in conjunction with your family members. You’re beginning to blend in, to feel as if you belong.

In the past at a time when good memories were about and all around you it seemed good then. Perhaps it seemed as though a downturn in your life would never improve for the better…For some it seemed so good at a certain vital period in your life that you may have thought you would never experience the same amount of joy in one special place again. You may have felt that you would never experience the fun you felt that way from a past time in life again. However…

Thank fully times change. Worldly experience does ebb and flow up then down then again it follows on the same stream of a current which is also seen there in nature. The good things in life will come and go. During this day you are reminded that you are a divine being. A divine being who can choose! A divine being who can wait the cycles out until the one you need to show up comes. Having the ability to choose is totally a gift to put into use indefinitely as often as you can make the time for. Use your energy in ways that do empower you to be better.

The time of deep sacrifice from the past has come then gone from the present. You’re guided to take advantage of the abundance you have built up over the course of the time when things were rolling well. Also, if you find things are not going so well now then this reading is revealing a way to change your fortune.

The easiest way to turn the tide in your world is to focus brilliantly on what you have right now. Then appreciate it!!! Some of you see only the lack there of. Some of you are looking over your harvest to identify what is not there or even, what is not flowing in for you.

But if you will look at your experience from a broader way or at a new angle you will see something wholly vibrant, refreshing, expansive beloved ones. The world is in your hands, place your positive glasses on today if you find yourself needing a little encouragement from the universe.

We come to remind you that you are free to be. The divine has always blessed you with that. So why worry about anything. Whatever you want will work out if its balanced for you. Open your hands to receive. See the light of the universe surrounding you on this day and know full and well loved ones that, all is well!

We appreciate you, if you need more clarity go back to read this weeks daily, weekly and weekend readings. We guarantee you will find what you seek. For now, Remember your Peace. We look forward to your comments, tags and sharing as always! We care for you so Very much, Sahyofeya (Sereda’s spiritual guide) For you, It’s all love. Take care. If you’d like a one on one reading with me then check out my website so you can book a time with me here www.naturallyhighlife.com . 🙂 Peace and love~ 

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