Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Thursday February 5, 2015

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Thursday February 5, 2015. A 3 card spread was done.The #1 Passion Ignited, #2 Sacral Chakra & #12 Sacrifice cards came up. By: Sereda.

***The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland was used for this reading.***

All know the way; few actually walk it. ~Bodhidharma

Today’s  guidance is to check in on your pleasure principle as you ask yourself the question, what do you enjoy? How healthy is your self image? What about life do you enjoy? These are questions you can ask yourself as you course through the day but also in the midst of going through the week too.

You will be perhaps drawn to a focus on looking into what you’re attracted to in the world overall. Also you could notice things that also repel you or things you don’t prefer. The sacral chakra is a central area of experience naturally at the Leo full moon window. This window is still open to you to work with. Listen to yesterday’s reading to hear/ read more on that. When you’re at the first chakra which is known as the base chakra its all about survival. However the second chakra which is also known as the sacral or navel chakra that is centered around earthy pleasures.

Unconsciously your desires may be to tune into what excites you on your life’s mission, on your current journey. The navel chakra is also certainly a means for partnerships, relationships and the life or for more than one person coming together to build, cultivate, enjoy and live life together. The influences beneath it all have to do with the legendary mission of sacrifice.

This reading highlights how you or another that you know closely could be placing your own enjoyment in the world on pause as you feel that you must work for and assist others to get them where they need to be. You could be doing this out of duty inspite of what you want to do for yourself.

Also, you will be able to look to the sacral chakra to see in what ways you can balance your time to make a moment for both sacrifice and also for personal pleasure for the benefit of the whole. There are many ways to work on this chakra however-a gemstone of carnelian and/ or amber will definitely assist with bringing equal energy to the 2nd chakra to nourish Passion ignited all over you- in your life if its not already happening for you as you would prefer it to. This is the reading for today.. thank you for tuning in.

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