Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Tuesday December 30, 2014

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Daily Channeled
Inspirational Reading for Tuesday December 30, 2014 🙂 The #1 Passion Ignited & #3 Recognition and Reward cards came up. By: Sereda.

***The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland was used for this reading.***

A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain. ~Arabian Proverb

Listen to the reading on YouTube: http://youtu.be/48md-43pGgI

It’s a day closer to the ultimate closeout of an old vibration. A flow is coming in to get excited for and about. In mind it could be about releasing old mess to step forward for your hugs and added appreciation from the universe again.

Then, you’ll most likely feel randomly inspired today as vibrant as a flame. Watch as others come to you to also gain their share of life lessons. It’s good to know that your passions will feel as though they are soaring high during this day! It’s boundless what you can do with all that is there for all to benefit from.

Although, it’s not clear how you may tap into your creative flow. However from the beautiful gates of an early daylight you can sense a brand new air of awareness coming from a mysterious place. This place is divine, somewhere in time, you see, you know it to be true that life is closer to getting better than ever, Just you wait and see!

At times life is here to open you up to help you to build a carefully strung new set of ideas to cast your net from then- There is something that just seems to happen to you from the urges of your spirit which always has a natural longing to come out to ask questions, to be curious, to even play. The moment on a Tuesday is where the planet Mars has it’s hot energies building at work deep at the core of all that’s melting together in the atmosphere around you. Go forth we tell you to find something to remember this year by in a delicious fashion. Then after you find it, document it quickly but carefully.

Know that all your passions can are are coming true. Do not get discouraged if shifting happens. Changes will happen since most of you continue to grow in and also outside of yourselves. If you will come to a place of contentment with how far you’ve come oh… the delight that will ultimately fly in (we tell you)! Allow it! 🙂

There are reasons to rejoice, there is much to do even though much has been done already. Now, go to the mirror at some point in the day today to tell yourself thank you, thank you, thank you we made it! (be passionate about it) Then hug yourself if you want to…get mushy because YOU my dear have certainly done the work and This you know to be a fact. The End. Sign up for the newsletter to catch the spontaneous updates channeled straight from our heart to your mailbox…We’ll connect with you tomorrow, in love..be well. 🙂

We appreciate you, if you need more clarity go back to read this weeks daily, weekly and weekend readings. We guarantee you will find what you seek. For now, Remember your Peace. We look forward to your comments, tags, likes and sharing as always! We care for you so Very much, Sahyofeya (Sereda’s spiritual guide) For you, It’s all love. Take care. If you’d like a one on one reading with me then check out my website so you can book a time with me here www.naturallyhighlife.com . Peace and love~ 

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