Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Wednesday November 12, 2014

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Wednesday November 12, 2014. The #7 Seek The Truth, #9 Rest & Reconsider, #4 Heart chakra cards came up. By: Sereda.

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. ~Author Unknown

Today’s reading is encouraging you so strongly to cast away any fears. Indeed you are moving ahead! There are so many reasons to smile, you already know this too. Mentally you seem to be seeking a truth of some kind, quite eager to know what’s behind a secret, idea, event, a person you’ve met, an experience which is coming up soon or soon to come up. Lies of all kinds are coming out because intuitively you’re able to see, feel, sense what is real and true out in the world around you even more by mid week!

You’re probably looking forward to expanding into a bit of networking too. You or someone dear to you is making plans to get out to see some people to light them up with all the vivacious energy they have been storing up for a good day. Otherwise you may be on the lookout even if its only mentally so, to find a teacher of some speciality to teach you their way to unite with a higher threshold of balance and success. Some of you are wanting a teacher for motivation, spiritual lessons, crafting know-how, or for other longings this might be for as well. Then, you could be seeking trainer to give a lesson to your child or children to broaden their artistic, creative, scholastic skills for the enrichment of their most beautiful minds.

After all the intense waves of energy over the last couple days you feel the need to sit yourself down somewhere. You’re very healthy from the looks of it, although you’re having a little burnout from going so hard when you felt the vitality of various intense watery and fiery planets energies in the air coursing through you. With so many questions on your mind but also in your heart, you may find you could use a moment to simply breathe to take notice of the morning or evening or perhaps the night air as it moves around you- inspiring the depths of all that’s lying in the belly of your soul.

It appears there were deeper feelings, emotions that were bottled up that have perhaps come forth over the past couple days in heated releases. (Some of you) and for some we see those around you- had to even take a nap for a quick moment as you both felt so much going on you had to take a second to appreciate where you were, where you’ve been, plus you reidentified with your present awareness that you are moving forward regardless of what that looks like to anyone. You’re seriously gaining momentum by taking a moment to be at one with yourself, your guides, the angels, the quiet space in getting away from it all. You can seriously feel the progress which you have made with plans you have been holding onto for such a long time.

A cycle is about to begin don’t forget, so to clear the way for elevation place your lovely hands over your heart center in namaste pose.. While you sit to yourself, even if only for a little while remember to smile as you send light to this area from your mind connecting your head with your heart which will immediately ground you from all the cosmic movement over the last few days. Bear in mind that a new day is about to emerge so stay elevated, find joy in your Wednesday, Lean into feeling good.. give love to yourself dear ones. Take care.

We appreciate you, if you need more clarity go back to read this weeks daily readings. We guarantee you will find what you seek. For now, Remember your Peace, and Be sweet. We look forward to your comments, tags and sharing as always! We care for you so Very much, Sahyofeya (Sereda’s spiritual guide) For you, It’s all love. Take care. If you’d like a one on one reading with me then check out my website so you can book a time with me here www.naturallyhighlife.com . I’ve been receiving messages that Several Starseeds are in desperate need of Ascension support. That support is already on the website for you, however the time has come for us to go deeper into the mysteries with you. The new rollout of teachings will begin today, so you can look for them tomorrow. The teachings will be a part of the premium content to access. Some of these special training, trainings will be offered at the tiny cost of a donation, some will be free. I can’t wait to show you what else is in store there, its going to be super! If you’re excited about our new rollouts please leave comments on Instagram or on naturallyhighlife.com I love to hear from you~ [cpDonation key=’1′] 

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