Daily Channeled Inspirational Reading for Wednesday October 22, 2014

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Daily Channeled Daily Inspirational Reading for Wednesday October 22, 2014Inspirational Reading for Wednesday  October 22, 2014. We did a 3 card reading for you today in light of the this most amazing time! The Sun, Five of Cups, Eight of Swords cards came up. By: Sereda.

“Just because I liked something at one point in time doesn’t mean I’ll always like it, or that I have to go on liking it at all points in time as an unthinking act of loyalty to who I am as a person, based solely on who I was as a person. To be loyal to myself is to allow myself to grow and change, and challenge who I am and what I think. The only thing I am for sure is unsure, and this means I’m growing, and not stagnant or shrinking.” —Jarod Kintz

Today’s daily reading this about your perceived past, present, future focus, possible direction, motivation, orientation, changes, ideas. You’ve been many sorts of beings throughout your incarnations on this one and also on other planets. You don’t just have one life. You’re infinite. What you have is unlimited lives. What has happened on Gaia is that a huge lie has been told to you plus others about the way life really goes or is. The lessons of 3rd dimension have seemed pretty harsh, most of you would say. However it wasn’t so seemingly harsh when you played as a youngster immersing yourself in the moment as well as you could during that time. Even if your childhood was unfavorable you have had a moment to play too. Today could be rough, to get through the hurt, sadness, weakness that you think you have to hold on to or to claim as you look back to any part of your life. As you Go back now to find any little, tiny second where you felt most amazing, dive in deeper. Go back to magnify, to expand, to create even more of that magical happiness at will! We ask you to play a little, live on purpose, smile sometimes..some of you try to play like you’re so hard, so (seriously) spiritual, so disconnected, out of play, unbelonging… We remind you to stop it. Spiritual beings have joy, they are able to have fun, its quite alright. Instead of crying over spilled water, we want you to Recall your nature as a multidimensional being that has the unipotent power to CREATE right now. Use your past as a one up for your life TODAY! Stop holding back (some of you). And the others who are moving forward we say bravo to you for allowing yourself to have that enjoyment. Why not you? 🙂 Exactly. The old days have passed, its now a hot, new,  second which is good since you can do anything with the present! **Light beings, allow yourself to expand, to collect the new frequencies if you desire to be more complete here. There are no absolutes on your planet. But we see some of you loading up on (things) which aren’t good for you to have daily. You’re trying to hide out from being more than you are. No matter what anyone of you does, you will not be able to hide your light. Yes we know sometimes it is painful to become larger than you know how to be in the human body, but you can do what you may fear by just stepping aside to let the waves of bliss to flow through you. Get high off that instead of other indulgences which aren’t helping you to be grounded or to live intentional as you would like to. You’re holding on to abundance in your very hand NOW. What will you do with the present that will make the difference to set you free from some of your perceived thoughts of failure, of draughts. You may not be able to see completely into your future however you will know what you will get next by the mood which you are in. You will know by what you allow yourself to experience what you’re going to get. If you are here reading this we know you really want to be loved, you really want to stop the tears, you want to be appreciated and understood better. Start with looking at your own hands then hold them together in prayer pose at your heart center..think of all the times you wanted to run- to hide to run away but felt tied down to circumstances outside of your control. As you have your hands like this, as you think back, what do you see? Didn’t you see the tables turn finally, didn’t things eventually work out. Didn’t light finally come in to the situation to show you what you needed to do next. We want you to be thankful for this. Think of the ways you have increased in life. Then apply gratitude to that. Ask the universe to show you that you are free to be. There is nothing which holds you back! Nothing at all. Give yourself a hug for existing. Let the ego fall away, love yourself on purpose. Do not be afraid of anything. Take care. 

We appreciate you, if you need more clarity go back to read this weeks daily readings. We guarantee you will find what you seek. For now, Remember your Peace, and Be sweet. We look forward to your comments, tags and sharing as always! We care for you so Very much, Sahyofeya (Sereda’s spiritual guide) For you, It’s all love. Take care. If you’d like a one on one reading with me then check out the website so you can book a time with me here www.naturallyhighlife.com .

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