The ascension is about process and experience of ongoing integration of the various modalities of who/ of what you are as a soul with a purpose on Gaia.

Like everything in existence on this planet, there are tools. The tools which exist for you are available to help you to assist yourself with moving through each day WITH EASE.

Although you may have heard about the expansion that is taking place, Maybe you need to know how to better navigate through the changes which are presently taking place in a big way in plus around you? Here is where the tools which we will speak more on come into play…

You came to earth with a plan first of all. Although it could constantly feel as if the opposite of that is true… You have a plan, tools, and an innate understanding of everything you are experiencing. We will go into that a little more another time, promise! 😉

If you’re here reading this particular article at this time, you should probably focus on the core area this article speaks of. The area to place your focus on at this time would be on FEELING GOOD. Why should you place your focus on simply feeling good? Let me tell you…

There exists a part of you which is conscious energy and the other is energy/matter. So you are actually part of the cosmos plus you are part earthly being as well. It goes so much deeper than that but here we’ll keep it simple. There are several groups of natural laws that exist. One of the more popular natural laws that is full swing this particular lifetime which you have chosen to incarnate on this planet is: The Law of Attraction. 

You may have heard of such a thing before we’re sure or maybe you have not, this law plus others are some of your tools this lifetime. Like all tools you can use them to help or to hinder or slow up your progress. This is nothing to be afraid of either way, you have the ability to really get this part so stick with us on this while we explain further the various ways this Law can be of service to you during your sensitive time  of immense learning right now.

Why should you care about the Law of attraction? How can it help you feel lighter, happier, healthier more creative and even more?

Think of it this way: Feeling good assists the universe in bringing things to you. Which is a simple way to look at it. Then Energy is attracted to energy..its very simple. Likes attracts like. You are part energy/ matter so what you focus on comes back to you. The reason it comes back to you is because it matches your vibration. If you were to walk around in the city or country where you live, you can see this in action daily. Watch as people who are alike hang together, spend time together, people find comfort in connecting to those who are like them. Or people who remind them of who they are.

Let’s say you began to master the use of using this tool. If you begin to generate joy from within now, you will continue to attract joyful things into your life like never before.

Try this sometime: when you are sitting around waiting for something to happen in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is… It could be a phone call for an interview, a call from your loved one or a call for a check that you are waiting for, the phone rarely rings when you sit around feeling stagnant, worried or even angry about something. Its when you move, get up, go to the bathroom or leave the house to run an errand- the phone rings. When you get active so does the energy around you.

Things come to you according to how you feel. the way you feel is your magic wand to command what you want in the world. It sounds so wild to some of you but i’ll assure you its so true. Just try it! Watch as The universe responds to activity, activity of all sorts too.

In addition, When you allow the body to feel peace and bliss throughout it, the thoughts that flow from you will be picked up and carried through the universe to attract more of the same. You cannot attract much when you feel bad, displaced or unbalanced. It is important to exercise (even if it’s just lightly), breathe deep to stay in the zone of feeling good! We appreciate you.. Be sure to check out Part 2 of this lesson. 



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