If you want to create magic in your life, you should first become the thing that you seek. Yes! That’s the science behind it; Transform you and the universe will change too since all that you are inside will be reflected back through a multitude of ways- sent first class straight to you, as a result of the energy you reflect majority of the time.

With all that’s happening in the world how can you do any of what we speak of at all without feeling bad as you look at it all? You can choose to look away from it if it brings up sadness, hurt, or any other unfavorable feelings you don’t want to welcome into your space. Remember its what you focus on. If you were to place your attention on feel good ideas, feelings, energies, activities then you would notice an instant, same day change.

There are several ways that you can feel good right now. It’s a choice. That’s all it really is. You can change whatever you are thinking about to a positive thought anytime you desire or to one that brings you back to the peace within you.

Feeling good is not a mystery, its all about doing it, playing some music, being around art, singing, dancing and meditation are just some of the ways to feel good. Its important to choose things that support the peace and bliss within you. What we speak of is personally generating energy from within, that assists with co-creation intentionally on a regular basis.

Finally, you would next be drawn to enjoying and sharing that energy with others. Constant- optimal- manifestation happens when we remain in a natural state of joy as much as possible. On earth that is where great power lies.


There are several ways one can choose to feel good.

  • Visualizing your desired present or desired future is one way. Remember this: the goal of Abundance Manifesting is to attract the end result to you. Thats where you want to place most of your focus.
  • When visualizing you are to focus on only experiencing the end result of having received what you want.
  • For faster results- Its important to see as many details of the goal you are manifesting such as various colors, smells, textures, etc. Also, smile inside and outside as you experience the feeling of having (it).

No one else can do it for you. It is your call! You are always creating more of whatever it is that you see the most of in your head. At the same time you are creating more of it in the world too so its a good idea to focus primarily on the end result of what you want. Also focus the bulk of your energy on only things you want to see more of, with no exceptions. Otherwise, you will attract an experience of always being in the process of acquiring this or that thing or things you do not want to see. Instead of attracting the end result which is having what you desire and fully enjoying it.

As you go through your day, Are you feeling good? If not just choose to. Play some music, laugh, sing, dance, meditate, go outside and feel the breeze on your face. Whatever you choose- feel the peace within and ride that wave while you imagine and visualize all your goals and dreams. Never doubt the power of the Universe. It’s working with you. (It) is You!

Know that whatever you energize with your thoughts- its coming to you soon. So focus- see the end result of you enjoying your blessings again and again. What are you waiting for? Don’t doubt. You deserve it! Go for it! This is your second Emergency Ascension lesson Part 2 of 2. In 2014, it’s about personal empowerment. It’s about balancing the physical and spiritual aspects of you. It’s about remembering who you are! Step by step it will happen. We appreciate you for tuning in! We’ll go deeper and deeper.. stay tuned. Remember not to beat yourself up about how you’re doing presently since you’re doing the best with what you know currently. 


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