Lesson 11: Generate Your Future Self

Action: This time you will use your journal to write yourself a letter. You can write these words at the top of the paper. Then write your letter.

Dear (The old you), _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I would like you to write a letter to you. This letter will be written from the New you to the Old you (who was hurt, felt not good enough, was without self love).

Tell the Old you how to begin to love themselves again. Give them some tips on how to start anew if you were them. Share with them what has worked for you in the past. Give them some perspective on what people said worked for them. Share any wisdom you can with them on how they are to get to a better feeling place.

Tell them what they can look forward to. Tell them what you think it feels like to have the benefit of self confidence, self love and natural self esteem. There’s no wrong way to do the exercise.

There’s no limit to how to craft your letter to the Old you. Just provide some solutions to them that they can think about on their journey to healing. Once you’ve said what you want to say to them stop writing.