Get ready for new success plus life renewal with a Hot New moon in Aries.

Today’s general Tarot reading is: Focus plus patience can go a long way today. It’s Friday so it’s fine time to Take a look over your resources. Then take another look! Write a list. Get it out on paper 📝. 
Yes, Some of your access to resources may not show up in your life in a physical way. Nope, not yet. For now, just Release any fears. It’s very close to the new moon in Aries.. (check my website for the full article💋). 

I woke up feeling the need to channel this message so 💓🔥🎉Ok, let’s finish this… The change amassing the souls of earth is quite massive currently. This brings me to why I write to you today.
I’m writing to remind you to plant new seeds for what you want to see for this year. Starve what you DO NOT WANT. Energize all that you DO! 

If you are someone who didn’t stick to your resolutions for 2017 or if you are someone who opted out of making any resolutions at all… please tune in! 

Happy official new year darlin! It’s rebirth time. We’re here! You’re on time.! No worries about it. However, We know You may have forgotten your plans on what to do next in 2017 so lets get centered together. 

When you incarnated to Gaia (Earth), You brought forth an overflowing basket of various dreams, goals, desires plus soul memories that may potentially haunt you repeatedly. 

Yes! For some of you this is a lofty promise you made to fulfill and for all of you There is a plan there inside you. To trigger your remembering of purpose. 

Go focus on things that remind you of your divine purpose. Remember, it is You who is the sole being who determines what your purpose is! (I send energy to you to remember more NOW). 

Don’t fear the changes.

Rather embrace the changes that are especially for your highest good. Some of you will change your mind on important matters in the next two weeks! Don’t make all your decisions permanent now if you know you aren’t quite ready to yet. 

  • Today focus on feeling Good. 
  • Weed out the nonsense. 
  • Clear the bullsh*t that hasn’t served you in several years. 

You’ll love the lightness once you clear clear clear! 

You have everything really working so well. Keep going forward. Love more.. love you even more. Later lovers… 🙏🏾peace. 

I look forward to reading about what’s most important for you at this time. Feel free to leave a comment, voicemail through my website on Speakpipe or email me. Let me know How you doing with this shift in to The New moon in Aries. Until next time.. 🌞

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