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“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.” ― Nicole Sobon

Begin With A Decision To Get Unstuck

Something magical happened the day I decided to come out of my inner shell. I can recall being mounted at the decision line inside my mind.

There was an ambient freshness upon me. I awoke completely clear that I was on the brink of a skipping into a territory I had never entered before that very morning. I was ready to move forward. I wanted to truly get unstuck.

As I stood like a flimsy tree limb in my house shoes I knew the time arrived to conquer one of my biggest fears. I uttered the whisper of “Yes”, to myself.

What came next I still smile about to this day. Thereafter, I slid over to my desk to purge all of the words from my personal story.

My past had sat on a shelf in anticipation just waiting for me to share them. It felt whimsical to dip into my heart without holding back.
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A Collection Of  Events, Milestones Or Memories

For some there is the reinforced push to get unstuck and to even leave the past behind. What has helped me to let go of my past hurts in a vast way is to tell someone about my pain.

Letting go to allow the new is not always as simple as it seems. Here are some reasons people should share their stories. On the other hand take a look at the reasons people hold back on sharing their life stories as well. 

Reasons To Share Your Life Story

✓ To celebrate a special event
✓ To mark a personal milestone
✓ To see how far you have come in the world so far
✓ To share an important life transition
✓ To move on from the past
✓ To fully embrace the present

Moving Past The Reasons To Not Share Your Life Story

• Some don’t feel comfortable sharing the heartfelt parts of themselves. You want to get unstuck. Then you have many doubts on how you will get there.

Perhaps you feel your particular life was made up of more challenges than successes.

Or maybe you feel your story will sound unreal. Maybe you think people will judge you for sharing or even think that you think that you are a know it all.

Maybe you think you’re too busy to share some of your life lessons.

An Alternate Outlook On Why You Should Let Go The Tell Your Stories

• But look at it this way: Each one of us has a great story to tell. In time one see’s the importance of getting unstuck to move forward. Everyone you meet has had a huge life experience.

Unfortunately bouts of failure, quitting, giving up, dealing with fear of success and missing out on goals are natural themes that have been shared by the majority of the population.

Time lingers so slowly one feels they may never get unstuck. The experiences of our lifetimes touch us in ways nothing else can. There will continue to be excuses or reasons one doesn’t want to share their story.

Self Growth isn’t always easy, still it’s so healthy for us in terms of letting go. I encourage you today. Let life be good to you! Get unstuck. The world needs you. If you feel compelled to share then give it a go.  

To share your personal story of struggle or triumph share your stories with us.

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