How To Cultivate Love For Wanna Be Enemys


They’re sweating over your goodness… They want to have what you have even though they most definitely cannot. Would they know what to do with the things that have been bestowed to you as talents and gifts if they could have them (maybe, maybe not). There is no such thing as a flippin enemy.

The fact that you don’t even acknowledge them existing in the unbalanced light they wanna be recognized as being in will erase them from your path indefinitely expeditiously! Remember whatever you give your focus to with the most intention will shine in that light at some point. So illuminate their divineness so that perhaps they can remember the balance that they have within as we all do.


One day they will see the gift they have in themselves. Now they cannot see it at all. So they are invisible to themselves apparently and that needs to be fixed. With time The wanna be enemy’s will cease calling themselves being against you which is also themselves. They will see they opportunity to rise to a new occasion of loving oneness.

Moral of this article is to see people the way you want to.. be balanced in your approach though and all is perfectly placed so no worries about it. Peace and Respect to you.

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