How to do One Minute Self Improvement? What in the world??? My HUGE revelation for the day!!

Hey You! Are you good today?

I’m checking on ya.

I’m in Atlanta GA sipping some of my favorite tea

Don’t judge me. I’m doing my daily Self Improvement routine

And guess what? The weather here is absolutely georgeous.

It’s very nice here. The temperature outside is like 60 but it’s


I was outside earlier taking a walk with my

mothers dog a medium sized chiwawa… I’m long winded today-

so let me tell you how I began thinking

All about the times several years before when I was really

Going through it.

All I want to say today is that you have issues, problems,

complains, misfortunes and everything else.

You want to snap your fingers and make everything fall

together. You want to get to your dreams.

You want to feel peaceful, good, great, amazing and just plain happy.

All I want you to do today is just take 1 minute, just one little

minute to smile. I want you to put a bit of energy behind the

smile too. And think about what your perfect picture of

Bliss would be if you were in it, doing it right now. Take a minute

and focus on just the visual.

Now focus on the visual with a smile on your face..

How does that feel? It should feel invigorating.

See, that’s your power right there. So stop for a second

just for today. It’s important to start somewhere.

If you don’t obtain the Bliss in your life, where would you be?

Not happy, depressed, longing for joy, seeking relief from

your problems etc..

So today, take in your desired visual of Bliss Returned.

Smile and Know that where ever you are at this very moment,

you can make it.

(SAY OUTLOUD) I have made it, I can make it, I will make it!

All right now, Go enjoy the rest of your day lovelies.

Ahh check out these two books. Some of you know I’m a writer

as many of you are as well. Well today I’m gonna admit to also being a

obsessed book worm too. Don’t laugh at me, I’m revealing myself here 😀

On that note, the books I’m going to show you here..I use them daily. These

books really help out a sista with everything.

These books help me with keeping the good Bliss flowing lol…

Or else I’d probably be off my rocker..literally. By the way I’m starting a

Bliss Returned Book Club very soon. I’m soo happy, Stay tuned for the details!!

Check out the books here:

1. Acupressure's Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments

2. Eat Right 4 Your Type

Let me know what you think about them if you like in the comments. Later, later!!

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