How To Find Out What Your Destiny Or Life’s Mission Is Without A Spiritual Reading

obi divinationThe moment you wake up one day to realize that you are caught in a quandary then you’ll begin your quest out of the rabbit hole to unite with what resonates with you the most.

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” ― Deepak Chopra

You take a sharp glance up, followed up by a look to the wider portion of your room to find the same inquiries coming from your head. In after 35 years of digging for a new way, you want a new day to speak out to you. Tired of living a life of mundane proportions (as you may call it). In this sun shiny- second day of spring you find that your heart, mind and soul are ready step into your power with a vengeance like no other.

The universe is in full support of you.

Stand UP

You’re in the house Standing in your pj’s with a hand in the air like I’m a superhero, It’s so clear to your ancestors THAT you are about to get it in. Finally you can reconnect to what matters the most to you. Finally the life that you have always wanted can be shown to you!

You’re open




And Now what??

-Let the light shine in

Sometimes we’re plagued with a thousand questions as to what we should do next on our paths..

I’ll give you a flash of what your gift to the world is while you’re here on this planet.

It’s right already know this too.

What do people call you about? What are you asked to fix?

What do your friends, family and the public ask for your advice on?

Just take a few minutes to think of the underlining theme of all of that…

Then you will have your absolute answer.


#1 Write the answers that flow into you down on paper. Trust me, you will find it useful sooner or later. 

You can take the insight that comes from that inner insight and color it in a bit for more clarity and direction on your path. Ultimately a priest, gypsy, psychic or intuitive reader can help you, but still there is a answer that is always there. The reader can help you with traveling and exploring the depths of your insights. They can help you to sort out the revelations that come to you.

The answer we seek is where???

WIthin US!

Much love light and respect to you on your journey.

The universe favors you.

If you need further clarity, you know what to do.

Write, write, re-read what you wrote, get some council if you want to, At Naturally High Life we can help or there are plenty readers that can help you. When choosing a reader, Go with what your intuition connects with. And live on purpose!

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