How To Get Better At Manifesting What You Want


Care more about yourself today than what others perceive or think of you.

There is no way you will ever live up to other people’s judgements of you. You are far more than they could ever know until they learn who they are, they won’t really have any ounce of knowing your greatness at all.

There is a oneness that is breathing at all times and you and others are a wonderful part of that. Your power is unmatched because it is ALL that is!

There is no one to be more like, no better way for you to come than better than the last time you witnessed something you didn’t care for in yourself.

Today in the midst of letting go of the worlds burden of being who they want you to be (because they are striving for finding out how to live their lives better by attempting to live their experience through you) be relaxed and calm as you let go of the weight others feel about you but also let go of how you feel about yourself (especially if those thoughts you think of yourself are devoid of any uplift meant for you). The truth is that a good if starts and it ends with only You.

A brilliant life experience comes automatically when you feel blessed love for who you are; no matter where you are at this very moment. No one matters but you because we are responsible for our own life paths..

So make peace within you and the light you look for people who surround you to tale notice of then validate with their compliments or discontented thoughts which they may have spoken out loud to you at times.

Beyond their thoughts of you is the reality that you are in truth who you Think you are but not really. Who you think you are does become your major concern in your life since you may possibly think that you are physically limited to that which you see.

There is so much more of you. You are an extension of the universe at all times. You have the power of the universe to expand beyond any human perception, go forth and be whomever you know in your heart that you are desiring to be.

You could never choose wrong for you came to earth to experience life as a being with free will. There is no way to mistake that exercising of the law of free will. If you feel a need for clarity remember that all is you at all times or that your answers are all inside you.

They are in you, ask of the all and an answer will always come if you will only tune into yourself and listen a bit. There are no accidents here. We have come to transform. We have come back to be reminded of who we are in a myriad of ways and through unlimited experiences and various expressions.

This life should be fun for you. If it is not then change it. Rely on yourself to feel good. And above all else know that by loving yourself that you will indeed bring abundant love and restore peace upon our planet.

You are amazing. Live your dreams. You are perfect. :- ) have a greater day than yesterday. #blissreturned

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