It’s Reflection time on a Sunday, 

Happy Sunday, I just reflected on the fact that my person doesn’t care to communicate too much when I’m not in the vortex. Communication is important in the context of thriving as a human being. I’ve come to find simple communication can be satisfying and even purposeful. I look forward to more happy chatting with others so, this is (another reason to be in the vortex more for my person. I’m working on it diligently too. Here’s something else to think about- Throughout your life, Have you noticed how It’s so much work communicating (outside of the vortex) or when you’re feeling high off of universal energy that we have all come from…Or let me say it another way: Have you ever felt how it takes extra effort to communicate with folks when you’re not feeling your best (energetically)? Or when you’re outside of channeling the energy which creates worlds? It’s all takes practice with some simple awareness. Anyone can get this with a strong desire to positively expand! So today on this Sunday morning on earth, I say, Thank goodness for all the challenges and triumphs in this life. At least my challenge practice game is growing strong 💪🏽 by the day lol. Let me tell you, Seeing beyond the veil is no small thing. Once you go into the space of no-Thingness (by closing your eyes and experiencing the peaceful power there.. then your sense of all human reality and of freedom will never be the same again. Today I say, What a blessing for the love that we have all come from. It’s ONE LOVE ❤️ so, Thank you for the opportunity to grow to transform into being more of who ( I ) (WE).. all are. Once you go into the Darkness (Dark matter) of THE UNIVERSE (once you see that you’re totally free That’s when all of your limited by nature-built on some b.s.- sense of reality Goes completely out of the window!! Whew it’s no joke. And at the same time, I have to tell you just how good it’s going to get as you retrace what it took to get you THERE. Use lots of Appreciation! Do the same with Thankfulness! These things bring more goodness to you and everyone else.. for when you succeed- THE ENTIRE WORLD DOES TOO— focus on feeling GOOD. Find the balance! I also must tell you that I’m aware of my voice when I say that REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT EVER LOOKS LIKE, we are always ONE with all! (We’ll come back to this repeatedly!) On that note, let’s send Many blessings to our great treachers out there (both in flesh and also those who have passed on from the flesh too) Let’s venerate those who continue to this day to joyfully remind us of our unlimited power as droplets of source as DIVINE BEINGS! Remember my beloved ones that we are FREE! Nothing can hold us but the SOURCE OF ALL- nothing but the dark space of the universe! In this very moment I ask you to Celebrate us for we are winning. And as we desire we shall receive. Remember that all So called challenges are temporary, illusionary human constructs which cannot last! Peace and joy can only remain…. PEACE AND JOY= DIVINE LOVE ❤️. Many blessings to all of you.🍯🎶🌈(this is a channeled message- I’m feeling it!)
Sereda, SAHYOFEYA, Seshshara Khi Sanu at your service. 🎶🌼

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