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Hey You! 🙂

Did you get the memo? Your big surprise was announced just earlier this month in the last newsletter. Wow it seems as though its been way longer than that. Let me update you on the superb response received from the release of the Monthly Inspirational Readings for all Astrological signs. To put it short and sweet… its been very good! I actually got teary over it. Tears of joy of course. 🙂

I do plan to update you again once the readings for the month of April are safely uploaded to Youtube for you. There are some powerful changes taking place by the later part of this month and next month for a great number of the signs so I plan to post the readings earlier than next month.

The good news is that All readings for all 12 signs for the month of April are completed already. Plus I’m currently editing the audio/videos with a much better sound quality this month (thankfully).

I’m really happy to take the tarot card readings to the next level by making them a bit more personal by doing the readings this way. I can’t tell you just how long I’ve want to do these types of videos. So of you know the joys of video editing too. Yes, I had to learn how to work with minor video editing before it could happen. I said minor but when I think about it, it feels more like major video editing though lol.

Most of you who have been with me for a while know I’ve been reading the cards and doing good ‘ol fashioned divination for several long yummy years now.

(A Thought) One of these days if you keep asking for it (some of you are) want assistance on intuition, psychic skills and or relationship assistance for those who are single or coupled. Relationships are coming up a bunch- Just let me know if this is something you’re interested in.

I’ve never taken a break from studying relationships, tarot plus divination in general and psychic/ intuitive guidance reading in some form or fashion neither. I really love it! I can bet that you can relate to loving something…

So tell me this: What is it for you that you are so passionate about that you can hardly pull yourself away from-without almost laughing at just how much you love that special ‘thing’ that you love to do? If you feel like sharing I’d love to hear- just respond to this email message.

It’s so remarkable to allow yourself you go where you feel you are called which is the point of me writing you today. Inspiration comes and goes but when you do what you love or at least do something to move yourself closer to that dream…oh my goodness, yes you meet face to face with your own slice of paradise.

I feel this is key because you and I know all about that sumptuous whisper from your soul that will never stop tugging on you to get your attention until you stop then turn around to at least give your inner callings a chance- or several chances quite often is what it becomes. Then life begins to sparkle, to take shape like it never did before.

I have much on my plate right now so I’m writing to you fast and free as you lovelies were in my thoughts. It’s always good hearing from you. Also, I could use some testimonials about how NaturallyHighLife.com,and just how have I assisted you on your journey? Please let me know, unfortunately you know I won’t be able to personally respond to each and every one of your responses as I’m all over this busy schedule working against the clock. I imagine you are doing so too.

Please know that I will personally read each and every word that you write to me though. I promise you that! Okay now, Go forth listen to the readings if you haven’t caught them you can click on the link below in green to listen to them.

Have a nice weekend. Enjoy the readings and thank you so much for all the comments and for all the continued support!

The new series of reading are getting such a huge response so I’ll keep them coming. Again, you’re so appreciated!

Go listen to your new monthly reading by astrological sign here

Peace and Abundance to you,


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