Just when you thought you did your best~

My life is a constant journey of ever flowing up’s

I love because it is all that i have inside me to

flow me on to the next wave~ i move like water after kundalini yoga, qi gong and deep breathing

every time i close my eyes i feel brand new

i touch you.


Braver i get by the hour.

Every moment i devour the minutes in my head..

planning is organizing is my friend.

~those two i know well

meditation is where i dwell daily, since i’m free i’ll plug into us again (ONENESS)

it’s almost midnight

my new bedtime

see you in the inside

until tomorrow arrives

rest well~

BLISS RETURNED its inner work time

celebrate our healing in your

dreams tonight

my loves’ –


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    • You’re welcome Maryanne! I’m delighted you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the warm comment, it certainly made me smile 🙂

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