Learn To Deeply Value Yourself From Within Without Giving Away Your Power

Yes, It’s that time. I’ve missed you over there… 

Peace beloved,

Welcome, all New subscribers and current subscribers you’re amazing. Thanks for tuning into my newsletter I promise to bring you plenty of love and value each time.

It’s an honor to be connected. It’s been a long time coming to reunite with like minds. Maybe like me, you too have felt ready to get more into your inner passions further at this time.

Blessings come true for those who will state exactly what they want. Whatever that something is, it’s key to make the desire known to yourself and open the arms to receive.

Some of us have been thinking about our lifes’ purpose, our intended mission lately waiting for answers. The answer is there already-infact there is a sense of it being there too! Then some people feel over burdened from what they received the last time they made it known to themselves what they want, now seeking to find a sort of refuge to purge the old excess away. 

Totally it can seem that Each of us has gotten more than our fair share it feels sometimes. So much so that you almost want to pass some of what you’ve asked for back to where it came from. Really, its a trip. Life. It’s that way at times. But it’s all unfolding in a way which is offering up more and more self discovery from each of us. With all the intensity its not easy to feel the connection to earth or even to one’s spirit guides-let alone to the higher self currently.

In the last newsletter we spoke about the bold new moon in the sign of Aries. Since that time, you may feel that you have made the necessary room to let in what you want. That last new moon was a fiery moon just right for clearing, so perfect. In fact there was a reminder in that letter to you and even to me too to…

Just Breathe.

Currently I’m carving out some time to do some creating..I’m back to swimming deep into my love of art. I’ve been denying my love for drawing and coloring for too long. I’ve been drawing here and there but then Perfection was what I thought I needed to have to make and do my style of art-no more lying to myself. I’m all the way in. I’ve finally embraced the entire thing again. Yey.  What’s life without passion? This Scorpio full moon asks us this.

It’s about time that some of us make a straight decision to embrace what we love. It is in this space we channel our greatest gifts to the world. Well that’s my little testimony that I made during the last new moon- That’s right-No matter what- I’m fitting art, drawing and vibrant yummy colors into my life. I love everything about art creation. Which brings me to ask you this, if an intention planted as a seed takes about 6 months to grow then ponder this:

What is your passion?

Where do you feel you are the most powerful?Sahyofeya

What do you really love?

What can you Always find delight in, no matter what?

If you could have a wish right now what would it be?

If you could plant a tiny seed to grow what you desire, what would the seed grow for you?

Where do you want to go?

How do you want to feel?

Where did you set your intention throughout last month?

Record your answers for later reflection if you like.



Reflect on this to see what’s up and coming for you. This is a time when you can pull together something bigger, something truly more beautiful to you than you could have ever done all alone. Be sure to remember a quote I wrote last month that goes: It’s alright to be myself, All is Well.

I keep this quote on my computer, just under the monitor. Reminders can help. Do you have a reminder like this that instantly activates you, or brings you back to present? Do share, I’d love to hear about it.

Let’s talk about this weekend though as it’s an intense time all around the world. A weekend of magic, wonder, whispers, digging for what’s underneath. Ask yourself, What secret, treasure, mystery, wisdom, power will you unleash, uncover or unearth during the Scorpio full moon?

I’ve got to tell you, This full moon is a great time for Delighting in what so ever is hidden. The perfect time to really connect with the higher self is here again. I say this because it (The Higher Self) is something which you cannot see. Yes, a thing which is hidden from the eyes at all times in a 3 dimensional reality-that’s it.

True, 5D is here but unless you’re able to see into various realms or are able to peer into the astral level reality- then the higher self is just a deep voice of wisdom and reason from within. Its deeply within us to discover who we are. So allow it if you’re on the fence about it.

So use this moon to do a small prayer, do ritual work for connecting with your divine self, (a ritual can be something small even as long as it’s symbolic to you) that’s what matters. Write some affirmations which express your passions for living your life’s purpose then use those affirmations at the next new moon. Also use gemstones if you like such as Amethyst, Clear quartz, Lepidolite, Blue and even Black Kyanite or even Angelite. These gemstones can all singularly assist with embracing one’s highest self, highest purpose-for sure.

Who doesn’t want to feel good? It’s really an automagic thing when you channel your higher purpose. The person who manages to set their intention to connect and to receive more loudly this, mysterious, divine muse, shall have their desire met with powerful attainment. The first step is to set the intention though. The first step is to want to experience a wider sense of expansion of your own gifts and personal awareness.

Finally but not least-how can you transform to better embrace what comes to you as it comes to you? If you feel like you’re ready or that you’re not you may want to get the ball rolling anyway even if you feel reluctant to do so.

You can do it! I know how it feels to want everything in the proper place before make a single move. There’s no reason to wait like that because we can learn as we go along which can be an adventure for sure. Go go go, Embrace what you attracted months ago, if you need to tweak your desire- you’ll have plenty of time for that.

This is a transformation moon. Pluto the planet of transformation is the ruler of Scorpio. It’s time to take a laser beam focus to what we are ready to change, to what we want to set free.

Connect with your higher self with more awareness than ever with this Scorpio full moon which falls on May 3rd on the East coast in the U.S. or on May 4th depending on where you are in the world. You’re so right you can work this energy to your benefit. You can benefit and the entire world will also receive something huge because you’ll be more happy. Personal attainment is a blessing you us all. We’re all one. One love to you darling. Thank you for all of your support too! Namaste.

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You’re it! Thank you for tuning in always!


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