Lesson 9: Improving The Self Image

“I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles.”
― Laurie Halse Anderson

Action: Take out your journal.  Return to the last lesson where you recorded your happy feelings with others and by yourself. Re read what you wrote.

Take about 5 minutes to go over the details. Next look online, in used magazines, free newspapers, in family photos for smiles as big as the smile you had in your last lesson visualizations.

Once you have your pictures then you will need to find a small area where your images can lay uninterrupted. You can lay your images side by side facing up. You can also tape your images together or even glue them to a sheet of paper if you like.

If you’re using images from online you can make one of your images your desktop background photo. You may create a collage of your images on or offline too. Whatever you choose, keep it simple for you. One picture is fine if thats all you can find.

Throughout the course of the day go over to your smiling pictures look at them and say:

“I am good enough. Say, (Your Name) I love you so much just the way you are. I deserve to smile and be happy. I welcome an improved self image. I am ready to be happy too.” Say this while staring at your images and smile too.. Recall the happy feelings you once felt.

Any insights write them in your journal.


Do this a few times a day preferably. Up to 3 times a day would be quite beneficial for improving your self image.

For a more intense affirmation session put on some of your favorite music, meditate, watch a favorite show or you can even dance to get you into a joyful, relaxed state then begin. Keep on going. You’re working it!