Let Life Be Good To You

I am so grateful for this moment that I’m in..
All goodness is flowing to me but don’t think it’s because I am more exceptional than others who are wanting good things in their lives. My goodness only flows to me for one reason now.

This reason is simple too. Well more times than not it is super simple for me to do this special thing that I have made it a point to do more than anything opposite of it. I have chosen to feel so good. I have begun to let good come my way and I am blessed because I have let it be so. So the new skill I have been working on in my life is the honest non effort of letting life be good for and to me. I am deserving just as you are. So why not. Let the good times roll as Abraham-Hicks says. It’s such a splendid time to let go into joy. Yeah you can definitely do this!

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