Let’s talk about the Full moon in Virgo and How to Really use it for your benefit

Let's talk about the Full moon in Virgo and How to Really use it for your benefit

Into this Portal we go   ———>>>

Peace, what’s going on? Earlier today some insights came to me that I’d like to share with you. Beware: Things are about to really change!

We are currently facing this full moon in Virgo 2017, we also have a lot of dynamic energy brewing at present with this Red hot Mars in Aries vibration coming through. As I think of this combination, This energy brings up MC HAMMER 🔨 ‘s song “Let’s get it started!” So at this point I’m done. LOL Would you believe that lol?

Currently there’s a gigantic portion of this energy I’m calling it that ‘Get it done type of vibe. This is no less than, massive sized energy available to us all! Make sure you have your two hands open, ready to scoop up some of this deliciousness falling from the sky. This is literally GOLD- I tell you.. and why is it gold? Because, you can be sure this cosmic alignment can help to fuel your efforts towards finally coming up with the perfect plans to start taking action. Sure, you could be that person who actually loves to take action already. However, some of you may agree that you or someone else can surely do better in life with a nice plan, schedule, routine or whenever the smallest of details line up more concisely than they are at present right?

We’ve all experienced a Virgo Full Moon! Furthermore, you may have even seen this upbeat blast of cosmic possibilities show up previously but you’ve never ever experienced seeing life in the way that you do now at this current Full moon in Virgo!

  • It’s about time to get into the damn details.
  • It’s time to put some respect on it! Lol.
  • It’s intense communication and thinking yes, for sure!
  • Especially with our Lady Planet Venus stepping back in Retrograde motion whew wee.
  • You probably feel like you’re treating your love life like a huge crime case looking at every tiny detail for answers and clarity.
  • Let yourself off the hook with this question: Why all this mental inspecting for what? .. when all the answers are just not present.
  • Keep watching out over the next two weeks for anything significant that may pop up in terms of relationships of all kinds plus creative projects or even ideas as well as a result of this brilliant Full moon.
  • Keep a look out, since you can likely see something significant changing in one or more of these areas mentioned above too.
  • Overall this is positive! As I feel you can work with all of it if you want to. Yes, you can even win with this too!

With all of the energy culminating in the deep waters of Pisces at this full moon don’t get caught out there like a deer in headlights! Darling, it’s an important time to drop the B.S. before the upcoming shift of our consciousness into the New moon in Aries which shows up in just a few weeks. We’ll handle that soon. Presently this is so huge, you can even look back over your life over the last year to see some of the elements that you gave most of your thoughts to over the course of the last 12 months to get a preview of what you may want or not!

It’s also important to note: Whether you felt as if you complained the entire 12 month time period or if you are the one who is totally convinced that you aced the entire thing.. it’s Awesome. If you ask me though, It doesn’t matter you can still work with this to make it work for you.

Do you painfully want to see massive improvements in your life? If the answer is yes, then Just do this: This is pretty straightforward while I mean exactly what I say here.

  1. I want you to look at any sort of heaviness from the past 12 years for something that’s been feeling as if it’s a burden, ok?
  2. Now what about those people feeling beyond stagnant?
  3. Some folks are stuck walking back and forth going in circles confused. I felt some of that too.
  4. You can shake it off though- It’s time to break out of these fake boundaries or traps many of us have regrettably set for ourselves.
  5. Sure the traps and fake boundaries were for the love of it plus for spiritual growth. For improvement!
  6. At this time- for lots of us, It’s release time.
  7. And no holding on to the past can undo any of it. It’s also a good time for a Big time perception change.

Let us discuss something. Let’s talk about The question that started this letter you’re reading about the Virgo full moon reflection I had was this:

If I keep this, see this person or continue to do this (fill in the blank) What purpose does it serve in my life today? How can this be better? How can I make 3 small improvements to make this better? This question is a concise question that you can even use at the coming full moon to gain better grounding, better stability with focus.

With Virgo, the success is in the details. For some people, the details do them in because they go in too deep into the details!You don’t have to stay there, whichever way it is for you.

This self improvement master (the Virgo full moon) will be brightly illuminated in the sky by the time you may read this! Don’t fret though since The workaholic energy of this moon is strongly heightened for like 2 weeks for us all..

An important Virgo Full Moon is here but, How can you use this thing though?

  • The full moon is bringing in multiple opportunities for folks to enrich their lives.
  • You can better reflect to yourself logically plus spiritually to get deeper than you ever have under this cosmic influence.
  • You can bet, The Brainy Virgo Full moon is calling out to our inner life organizer, so things will definitely get Real quite rapidly! Welcome it for good results!

This full moon has called so many folks into an awareness on several matters to be honest about stuff they already know isn’t serving them as they would like. Now, if you’re not clear on what’s no longer servicing you The signs are there, just take a second look.

This Full Moon is asking you to embrace the things that make you better, to embrace the things that make you better-without fear. This is what Virgo is about, practicing, constantly working, analyzing, synthesizing, time management, improving, healing, perfecting and making things better.

I want you to think about for yourself right now: What is coming up at this time that is asking you to review or to release a habit, a person, a time stealer, a situation, a memory, a practice, or even an unhealthy habit too. You may also notice how it’s not always easy to feel free to love in the world at times.

  1. Especially, if we think the past still needs is in someway..
  2. Reconsider the connection to unhealthy pasts… allow your person to just cut stuff off if it’s a seeming burden because ‘All is now. You can’t loose although it is good to reflection over  the course of a few days on this before ending stuff.
  3. Then once you decide once and for all then just Let it go!
  4. It’s a scrumptious time to let something die off or to revise your life to make cool self checks on what can work better for you and your family as well.
  5. Yes, this astrological lineup can seem like detail overload especially mentally speaking.
Let me stress how important it is to do this fully...

But how? Well for starters, you may want to study what is being reviewed in your world under a lens no less intrusive but at least as detailed as that of a clinical grade, giant magnifying glass 😀 before making final decisions.

  • While you’re checking out whatever you’re reviewing in your life it’s important to check its purpose again.
  • Check it again to see if it’s still for you or perhaps not?
  • With all the energies in the sky there’s a lot of holding onto things love related due to The important Venus Retrograde transit currently upon us for a while…
  • Rebirth time is almost here. You will likely see puzzled faced folks who are looking for clear answers as they walk through this planetary portal of mixed messages at present.
  • Need to understand this better then Just visualize a midpoint in an astrology chart while you’re looking at a chart of astrology.
  • The sixth house is Virgo’s natural home in astrology which also has to do with Service, Work and work related things.
  • This placement of the natural house position of Virgo is like a spot where you hold tightly onto things before taking the next leap in life. In other words, you may find yourself feeling that before you can go to the 7th house of your life, you may feel like you need to do certain things first or else.
  • The 7th house is dealing with Partnerships, Business connections, Contracts, Relationships, Agreements, Your other half.
  • Are you allowing yourself a real chance at balance in these areas of life or how can you begin to balance one or more of these areas more optimally than in the past?

Thanks for reading this.

I’d love to hear how you’re making out at this time and if you have anything to ask or to share (Please drop a comment below). Finally, this is a time when a strong awareness in many people comes up to the surface. People are more aware they need to improve themselves and that it’s time to do things differently. I can agree. So, whatever you do, don’t doubt yourself, stay motivated and this is totally doable for anyone.

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