Maintaining Inner Joy When Life Gets Heavy Part. 1

The sun woke me up this morning. It was blissful to wake up that way. If i could chose a sunny climate type of place to live- The truth is that I would be there for the rest of my days. Well just maybe I would. I love a nice trip so we will see. For now I should be here finishing my book called: The Oracle of Poetic Wisdom which is overdue to come out :- D. I have to reassure myself that this book and that book are all coming out when they are supposed to.

I’m happily in love with the process of writing in this Mercury retrogradish vibrational thingy we’re currently in. My mind starts to comes back down memory lane to old projects that need polishing. It takes the pressure off to make a new project, in the midst of this backwards going mercury energy. I dig it this time. The pisces new moon took me to a new height too just a few days ago with its stellium. I was in straight creation mode as I’m sure some of you were too.

Enough about my pursuits I came to tell you about a joy tracking exercise that I used the other night during the new moon. The exercise was in my mind try for a couple months. I figured that it could be used to maintain a joyous vibe or for lack of better terms it could be used to get back into a happy vibe when it appears that one may have climbed out of theirs. Its kinda simple to do too. The pisces energy has been on me extra hard because of where it is in my chart.

The important part of the entire process/ energy that we’re in now is to get in-tune with what you want to be going on in your life. That means that you have to get into pretending mode. The pretending mode is where you were when you were a little person. Imagination is what you need to fire up your desired stuff. There is where most people fall short. They fall short due to a lack of vision. Or a lack of visualizing passionately on what they want. The activity has to do with a little drawing, writing and simple listing. Check the next article for what i’ve been doing to keep the good flow coming.

Finally here it is, Part. 2:  


I look forward to your comments…

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