Maintaining Inner Joy When Life Gets Heavy Part. 2

How To Illustrate What You Want To The Universe And To Yourself In 30 Minutes Or Less

Now to get into what I did like a week ago to get my life in order a bit more. If you haven’t read part one of this article then you can certainly find it here.

The point of all this manifesting work has to do with making what’s in our head and heart come out into the world so that it will be our daily, monthly or our regular experience.

Maintaining Inner Joy When Life Gets Heavy Part. 1 <—— (here)

You have the power. Only you can stop your manifesting from coming together full circle~ Sereda Aleta Dailey


Wouldn’t you agree that You deserve goodness?

Don’t you know that you are best

And you’re destined to be great now. You are greatness. Well with that being said, you have to take the time to contribute to your future. You have to take time to bring forth what you know that you are. There are millions of people on the planet although what’s true is: No one can make your life happen like you can.

All this buttering you up is great right, I’m sure you don’t mind it much. You want to know this fun creative technique which will help you in getting more of what you know you deserve and want in this life.

Let’s Go there then. Ready, Set…

While I have your full attention here.. Do think about what I’m going to say in pictures.

The exercise is so very simple that you need to literally see it for yourself. 

The way I do it is: Take a piece of construction paper/ any sheet of paper and a pencil (is what I prefer) since you will probably want to rewrite or erase. The point of this process is to show you the freedom you have access to in attracting what you desire.

Let’s do it like this: What will you need?

  1. paper
  2. pencil with eraser
  3. a tack or a piece of tape or a stick pin
  4. an open heart and mind
  5. a rich imagination
  6. an idea of what makes you feel totally good
  7. 30 minutes or less
  8. a smile
  9. Now that you have all that. And by the way if you don’t have everything on the list then come with an open heart, at least. You will see the absent elements will come as necessary, when it’s necessary for you to have/ see them.







  • Start by thinking about all the (balanced) things that bring a smile to your face and that you enjoy.
  • Don’t write in the center of the circle just yet (see the lines in the center..tell you more in a sec)
  • As you think about that, grab your pencil to draw a circle (one that starts small and gradually widens as you draw it on paper.
  • Next, write about 20 things that you really like to do in the swirls of your swirly circle drawing. ( Look at my example if you need some idea of how to do this) Examples of what to write: art, eating, singing, nature, abram hicks, traveling, dancing, yoga, water, soaking my feet, yellow mangos, reading, good music, a hot shower….
  • Don’t worry about the order of writing down what you like, just write them in..(save the area in the middle of the circle)
  • Now stop, for a moment I want you to think about what you will get once you feel good continuously …What do you want to happen as a result of feeling good doing  what you enjoy? Hold on to that thought..
  • Then write: The Delicious Cypher in the inner most part of your circle.
  • Next part is the result of what feeling good will attract to you...Write in one word per section the result of what you will have as a result of doing the stuff you love and enjoy..  examples: Money, good health, freedom, balance, stability, a date or a’re getting the hang of it..
  • Last Part: At the bottom of the paper write, The Cypher of Attraction and Magnification (ALL DONE) add more within a week if you want, otherwise go ahead and post your manifesting cypher somewhere where you will see it daily.. Seriously it should be where you can see it or its not going to be remembered.

Have fun with this.. Celebrate you!

Welcome your expansion, its perfect at all times. Share your experience with me on this and be well. Love and honor to you.

Here’s the first article before this one:

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