Monthly Inspirational Tarot Readings by Astrology Sign

Monthly & Weekly Inspirational Tarot Readings by Astrology Sign

Monthly & Weekly Inspirational Tarot Readings by Astrology Sign

Monthly General Readings for All Signs

Monthly Inspirational Tarot Readings from Naturally High Life. This series of astrological forecasts are recorded by Sereda Dailey for readers of the Naturally High Life website. 

Newly released Monthly Tarot reading videos for all signs can be found right here.

*Listen to your Sun, Rising and Moon signs too* 


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Disclaimer: First thing, as you listen to your sun, rising and moon signs know that if a reading makes no sense to you-then it’s not for you. It could also be that you should listen to another sign like your rising, moon or sun sign to see which resonates best. I don’t do astrology charts for the public at this time but you can get one for free online anywhere.

Back to the part above about whether a reading makes sense or not to you…The messages in this life that are for us will make sense to us, I really feel this is true. So, if a reading speaks to you and where you are on your lifes journey then you will Know it without a doubt. Sometimes relistening to a reading helps too especially as the month unfolds to you. This works nicely as you can observe what is happening to match things up for you from the reading and in your month even further than simply listening one time. It may also be helpful to listen to the previous month too.

A little about me: I am a happily married, an ever evolving, artsy-crafty, passionate, intuitive/ medium who also enjoys writing, creating art, studying astrology and reading with the tarot, i ching, numerology, talking to the angels, connecting with animal totems plus reading with various oracles. I enjoy working on myself and working with tools which aid in personal transformation on a very deep level. I have been doing healing, self improvement plus divination work for almost 10 years ongoing.  I channel my higher self (SAHYOFEYA) quite often on this website. I also channel her when I do your readings monthly and privately. More about me another time…

I do these Channeled Tarot Readings because I have a calling from within to put them together for you. No matter what I Channel in a reading You Always have a choice in what you will do. Always seek the proper professional if necessary. I am not a doctor. I only share underlying influences, recurring patterns which can be changed,  possible outcomes or scenes I see maybe or possibly not playing out.

It’s true that I love bringing to light how to rise above a situation, it’s what truly moves me. I’ve seen so many miracles in this life. Life is like a maze which can seem impossible to bear quite often in one’s life. I know because I’ve been there, it can get rough. There is an amazing game changer which we discuss here… It’s that channeling the higher self can improve one’s current life path by simply opening up and doing the work. 

*This guidance offered from my heart is meant to be entertaining for you, motivational and insightful. All I want to do here is trigger the answer that is within you already. If you should ever order a reading from me we go in deep. I will not tell you what your fate is because it’s not cemented into place at all. You will step into your own chosen ever unfolding destiny fully on your own. I am here to assist with words that help you to see that you are unlimited in your existence. Thus, you have the power. Thank you for reading, thank you for listening.  I welcome your comments. Please share, subscribe and like! You’re so appreciated~

Big hugs to you dear one,


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