(NEW!) Motivation Power Circle

6 Week Virtual Training Series

Do you want to create your own awesome life with the right nurturing support totally devoted to helping you reach and maintain your brilliance?

Join us on the call: The Weekly Motivation Power Circle call details will be sent to you following sign up.

As a Power Circle member you can join us each week for a truly motivational weekly power call.

All calls will be recorded so if you can’t make the live conference call you can listen to the replays which are invaluable all by itself.

We’ll use the tarot and or oracles for added insight to dig deep down.

We’ll dive into meaningful group discussions to uncover hidden blockages which can sometimes get in the way of reaching the goals and dreams we want for ourselves in this life.

We’ll unlock and uncover what IS working for lasting results and purposeful change.

We will come away with clear loving support to assist in getting along much further than we ever could have on our own.

We will highlight step by step, tangible ideas  that can bring forth personal victory, success and wish fulfillment rapidly.

Tools we may use to open and to clear the way for what is wanted include:

  • Prayers
  • Tarot and various oracles
  • Energy boosts for the chakras
  • Guided meditations
  • Access to all replays
  • Profound Q & A’s
  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Motivation plus Encouragement
  • Concrete recommendations from the Angels
  • Deeper Angelic guidance

I look forward to connecting with you there 🙂 Click Buy Now to sign up.

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