(NEW!) Starseed Queen Motivation Power Circle

old picture of Queen Sereda

(NEW!) Starseed Queen Motivation Power Circle

A (6) Week Virtual Starseed Mastermind Series

Do you want to create your own awesome life with the right nurturing angel support totally devoted to helping you reach and maintain your brilliance?

I’m all the way with you. Do you see the picture above of me? Well that was a picture of me when my life was in shambles if you asked me. I had to practice each day a few years back to find the happiness in my days before. I know how it feels to not feel as if anyone can understand you, or feeling other peoples emotions, being way too sensitive, being too introverted to socialize at times, often feeling depressed and low on energy. Starseeds come in all colors, shapes and sizes. It’s about time we get used to it so we can assist one another to living happy lives in prosperity and wellness abundance.


Join us on our weekly calls: 

Each week we’ll get together on a call to assist one another with breaking through limitations in thinking. We will gather to uplift one another and nudge each other forward as we share what is working for us. 

The Weekly Starseed Queen Motivational Power Circle call details will be sent to you following sign up.

As a Starseed Queen Power Circle member you can join us each week for a truly motivational weekly power call. The starseed queen power circle will continue for 6 weeks at time. Registration will open about once a year.

No worries if you missed a call. All calls will be recorded so if you can’t make the live conference call you can listen to the replays to stay caught up with the meetings.

We’ll use the tarot, angel cards and/ or oracles for added insight to dig deep down into our personal inquiries. Yes, you may have a chance to have a reading done on the call. We’ll dive into meaningful group discussions to uncover hidden blockages and gifts which can sometimes get in the way of reaching the goals or get us to our goals and dreams we want for ourselves in this life.

Through warm dialogue and day to day stories, we’ll unlock and uncover what IS working for each of us for lasting results and purposeful change then we’ll share our insights. All who attend, will come away with clear loving support to assist in getting along much more successfully in your life than you ever could have on your own. 

On our juicy calls, we will highlight step by step, tangible ideas which are also practical, that can bring forth personal victory, success and wish fulfillment rapidly.

The tools we may use to open and to clear the way for our positive works together include:


  • Universal prayers and invocations

  • Tarot and various oracles

  • Anonymous or known Email Penpals

  • Moon and Sun prosperity magick

  • Rituals and Spellwork

  • Higher Self cosmic downloads and star transmissions

  • Affirmations

  • Energy boosts for the chakras and aura

  • Guided meditations

  • Access to all replays

  • Profound Q & A’s

  • Case studies

  • Interviews

  • Motivation plus Encouragement

  • Concrete recommendations from the Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors.

  • Deeper Angelic guidance

  • Tips on how to work with your spirit guides.

There will be an accompanying PDF guide with all the resources and links to the show in it.

I look forward to connecting with you there 🙂

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