New Moon in Aquarius Tips, Insights and Recommendations! 1/20/2015

solar-eclipse-152834_1280Peace and much love it’s Sereda channeling your January 20th Aquarius Moon highlights from Naturally High Life!

The theme for the next four days is expressed in the cards that were selected for the refreshing New moon in Aquarius which is starting today on the east coast where I am residing at the moment: #19 Light, #2 Movement, Choices, Decisions & #12 Sacrifice. The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland was used for this reading as well. I’ll write more about this trend later this evening for you in the Wednesday daily reading. Look for it tonight as always on the night before. I’m working diligently to put the readings out even earlier for you too.

During this new moon, this is a time to greatly widen your view. The areas you may be focused on can be related to areas of inspirations from a vast pool of ideas, in choices that you want to make and from the sacrifice that you will have to make or are making currently to get to where you want to be. This is a forward directed energetic time certainly. It’s a time to come out of the box. 

During a New Moon, new opportunities come forth, new thought directions come to light just before, tons of yummy insights into the inner workings of your world are offered straight up on a platter for you to pick and to choose from.

At this time, you can gain a great deal through your dream state, in both your daydreams and through any dreams you have while you’re fully at rest. Gradually as the moon begins to wane (go smaller) in the skies, it can feel as if someone is clearing a stage, or table, or it can feel as if someone has just cleared a cosmic doorway to make way for you to walk through sooner or later.

This clearing can feel as if its happening both physically, also energetically as well. What feels so neat about all new moons is the feeling of newness that comes with them. Wherever the new moon falls in your chart reveals to you where you can begin again in the portion of your chart wherein the new moon falls.

Now being that I happen to be a Aquarius Moon myself (sidereally), I happen to also be a Pisces Moon in western astrology though… Being unique is my bag, I have learned to embrace that about me. Even though my spiritual path may have some people raising their eyebrows about this channeling, tarot, oracle, reading, psychic, mediumship, angel communication, airy fairy thinking at times and  Metaphysical stuff, its some of my loves that I have learned overtime to just embrace lovingly.

Since I think out of the box on thing, I figure we all have the power of freedom! So I sense that you can intuitively just know how to move with the frequencies of all full plus new moons as they surface each month. In my opinion, the only way not to be, is to be completely out of harmony with whom you are. Otherwise you can greatly get a sense that there’s something to get inspired about, re-do or even to take action on during each lunar cycle.

Then I feel that you either take action or inaction according to your personal responsibility to yourself at the time. There’s really no right or wrong in it for us as divine creators, nope not at all.

So as you go on throughout the day picturing whatsoever newness you want to bring forth into your life-feel the freedom that you always have and that you are naturally! Yes the freedom of an Aquarius moon… is  very so special~

Beyond everything else that happens, meditate in your own portal of energy for the next 4 days here and there to set your newest intentions. Make your intentions known to the universe in some fashion. Do some visualizing.. but you don’t so much have to physically do much now. This is the time to work your plans from within. Remember you have a magic wand within that can sculpt and carve out all that you want.

As long as you feel content, at peace, relaxed, balanced, joyful at least a good part of the time then you will automatically attract what you want in the same way you feel. This is powerful lovely stuff.

Then, after the New moon doorway starts to fold outward, when the moon begins to grow wider again (waxing)- you may be ready to then take some physical action- to go out and grab what it is you desire. During each new moon ask yourself: What are you passionate about? What do you dream of?

Some of you see this theme playing out already however, this is an exciting moon which will come again in February too.. Two new moons in Aquarius is a delight plus its also a second chance to make a super impact. The first new moon today is at zero degrees, which is a tremendous potential new jump off point to move with. This is a new moon that is also a Super Moon, so it’s potent, also closer to the earth. It is said that its so much more intense than a regular new moon.

I’ve gotta tell you that I must make myself stop writing because this early morning on a Tuesday-I’m just so inspired to have this cool brand new opportunity to use this gateway we all have available to us to make some improvements. I’m loving this time to make some deep seeded changes in my person. This is a delicious time to do magic… which is always a pleasure to perform. Magic is so many things. But let’s keep it going…

However, before I go, I’m going to share some well known available energies of an Aquarius New Moon with you my cosmic family. As you journey through the week going forward, lean towards the energies that feel the best for you. Here are some areas of great focus available mostly at this new moon: Independence, remoteness, individualism, resourcefulness, deep study, surprises, turbulence, depression, science, abstraction, peace, heightened perception, universal love, inventiveness, reformation, progressive ideas, originality, friendship, intuition, optimism, artistry, inspiration, genius, tenacity, groups, humanitarian pursuits and thinking.

Stones to work with during this new moon are: Amber, quartz, amethyst, garnet, malachite, ruby, jet, black onyx, cats eye, hessonite, jacinth, jade, opal, lodestone, zircon. 

Angels to work with during this time are Archangel Uriel, the Archangel of Aquarius. Ask her to work with you widen your vision, your mental scope, to see the greater future and vision that is wanted- also available for you. Ask that this beautiful angel come in to work with you to assist you on how to be the visionary that you are completely, undoubtedly.

Then, feel the liberation of the lessons this Archangel shall bring. Enjoy the inner revolution of your mindset, of your own passion for living. Feel the electric changes in consciousness, both inside you but also collectively in all beings on the planet. 

Peace and infinite love light to you.

Enjoy your time on the planet.

Speak to you soon. SAHYOFEYA~Sereda~ 

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