The coming new moon on February 18, 2015 is calling out to you. It’s time to close the circle.

RainbWhen you reduce life to black and white, you never see rainbows. ~Rachel Houston

Greetings to you on this windy mega chilly Sunday from Maryland from-where I write to you. 🙂 I thought about sharing some quick insights with you that have brought me further on through lifes various crossroads. Maybe the article today will turn on another lightbulb for you as it has for me.

When I went to sleep last night it was already only 3 degrees..I’m a warm weather kinda lady, I was born in California-go figure. After I got past getting depressed in the past winters, I have learned over the past few years to like my winter seasons for spiritual work if nothing else but that.

There’s absolutely Nothing like the cold weather that causes you to go within. The winter is just like that, infact. The winter is just right for engaging in a quiet meditation or any sort of dreamscape journey far down and up into the mystical depths of the spirit. The cycle of does life has it’s uses. You may already know this to be profound knowledge when you can make the most of the present moment transforming yourself. This is what nature does so we too can gain big time by going boldly where no one has gone before, deep into the soul center.

 Winter is a nice time for healing, digging up signs or clues to what lessons have meant, to count our blessings as we go forth to another day. This last piece of winter is also a profound opportunity for looking at any remote blessings we may have gained throughout our encounters with life, others and our persons too! 

During the cooler months of the year the focus becomes one that is fixed within naturally. So many people do try their best to run away from this gradual pull from the universe to venture within which is fine. One day it will happen, whenever one is ready-all in divine time- truly I feel. However, for those who Do desire to step into the inner portal of spirit- For you i surely it will be a time to resurrect, sculpt, and to bring about what you want by fully visualizing passionately repeatedly…and of course enjoyment.

This time of inner workings is where what you place your attention on really begins to expand once the warmer season takes center stage in time as it always does each year. Whatever seeds you plant into your soul is seen by the sun as it dominates the warmer months. Then you can bet that you will see the effects plus the fruit from the seeds you had planted and energized with your personal vibration. You will see what you placed your focus on even more in your life as the sun grows bigger, brighter.

Sure, it can be a depressing thing to have to sift through old cobwebs of stuff in the heart center in order to rise higher than before. Some people aren’t really wanting to do this sort of work. Can anyone blame them for this..nope not at all… it is a great work which is not for the faint at heart.

But for some this is the most amazing mission to undergo, to witness the stirring of the actual world from a innerview point. The enchantment found in meditation is surely magic. You’ve got to get some of that if you aren’t already doing it!

For those of you who like being within more than you like to be on the outside world-just as I too, can be at one time or another… I feel you. Still, Even though, at times you feel the desire to think deep or meditate-to sit then ponder your life, more than take external action there has come a brisk lesson which you may have come to realize.

You may have come to the point in your understanding that equilibrium with the inner and outer sides of the self is where the true gems in life are. Even when there’s a stirring from the inside to brighten up the world in more ways that matter, we don’t have to go it alone- Plus, you don’t have to take on the task of doing it all. We are a part of a whole. Often we dream in vast elaborate patterns which cause us to inquire within the well of questions of the universe to see why we are experiencing certain things as we do. Know that you are doing what you are meant to do, no matter what that is. Life is about lessons, process, transformation…which is self awareness.

Anyway, there will constantly seem to be goals to be more, to do more which will come up from time to time. I’ve learned in the past then again as of lately that I don’t have to do everything. I don’t have to cover all the bases in life or even in my craft because someone else may cover that area if they choose to. And perhaps maybe the part I have already given light to is just enough to where I’ve completed my portion of that ‘thing’ I have set out to do.

It’s great to welcome in the new moon which is coming forth in a couple days in the sign Pisces so it’s a good day and a good month to appreciate the spiritual personal process which is yours and yours alone. Even if your finances are seeming to fluctuate often or if your money has begun to come in quicker than ever -whichever it is for you- realize that you are progressing. No matter what anybody else is saying about your stuff… Just go forward and Do you to the letter. 

Know that at every moment, you are setting your course of progress. As the seasons change, so shall we. Sometimes I know it’s rough since we can evolve so quietly that often no one notices the improvements you’re making. But do not be discouraged with yourself. If you can use the time currently here, just before the glittery season of spring comes in to just get in there to immerse yourself into a space of true gratefulness for all that you are and are soon to be and are ever becoming… its going to get better, life will just get sweeter. 

We all have work to do.. the difference is in those who do the inner work or choose not to do the work. We always get what we want or what we place our fullest attention on. Even if you make excuses, complain, stop and go, slow down, then randomly get happy about it all- Nothing else matters but that you feel some sort appreciation for your growth to be happy with where you are in some way. Have GRATITUDE!

And no, you can’t fake yourself out though so do what you love beloved to do this fair and square then happiness and balance is automatic! Then, when you feel this..when you can turn this joy over again and again often enough, that’s when you have certainly met with your own slice of juicy amazing paradise. 

Remember that it is not wrong to go through changes in life, its just important to keep allowing and witnessing all forms of evolution that happen in us then get up to keep going. It’s also important to know we can turn the tide whenever we like. You have a great power through source to tap into each day you choose to. Don’t be held up- go enjoy this life if you can some more.. I know I can, I’m going to go do it. We really owe it to ourselves to live a great life just for us, on our terms.

So now after all this writing I have enjoyed chatting with you so I’ll go make a pot of tea.. Chamomile followed up with a cup of English Breakfast tea then I’ll paint some paper too…I’m feeling all artsy, crafty. The tea will the be perfect touch to warm up my body and to bring up a warming Smile. I don’t know what it is for you that brings forth joy but go do it, even as cheesy as it may sound..! Go!

This Pisces moon is calling to you out to tap into your magical stream, your inner to outer realms of reality to allow more of your heart and spirit to be free. Peace, Namaste and Blessed Be. Thank you for all your support. Leave a comment below on how you’re experiencing your day, share your latest experience with self awareness and how you go about it. What’s working for you, what’s not? Alright later, lovelies. Sign up for my newsletter here as well.

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