Perhaps There Are No Psychics Really? Or Maybe they’re something else…

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156156_10151676678960551_2045276518_nThis came to me tonight as I lay in my sleeping space. What came to me is that People On the planet are in the mode of attracting what the do/don’t want at all times. At times various beings want to know why life happens the way it does? They often desire to know what the view will look like or how it will feel to be in the center of the experience when it comes. If that’s not all you wanna know there is also things like-

  • When and where is life going to begin to open for you?
  • And miraculously then you begin to attract a person, sometimes a person who calls themselves a psychic.!

The thing that came to me is that if you are a person who was asking for what you want by sending out the matching vibration to it then the universe is going to answer you by bringing you a way to receive the answers but also solutions to your personal concerns. The thing is that person or persons may come to you as a ‘psychic’ they say say although its the energy that you have put out with your concerns about where you are in your life that has brought this person into your life to share the message you asked for with You! 180968_203038599712073_6878800_n Now the insight that came to me said that- although You feel the power to understand that psychics are psychics (confusing I know), still, know that psychics are just universal allowers.. Just like you are. Psychics are able to be the middleman between the universe and your thoughts or vibration. Psychics or Al-lowers have opened their heart centers to let the universe send the information that you or basically anyone who wants to know their truth the chance to connect directly to it. This happens either through themselves going within to intuit the answer or it comes from universal channels bringing forth the messages that are asked of ‘source energy’. How Does A Psychic See Into Your Life? A person is able to answer you in just the right timeframe because you opened for an answer already and now the universe just fills in the spaces so that you get the answers you seek.. We are all psychics on some level or another.. How far your allowing extends is how far your ability to channel the messages of the universe for yourself and others. Use Your Abilities Don’t be fooled ever. Know that you can pull the answer without anyone else. Until you can , or want to its cool to have ‘psychics’ speak to you if so decide to. Listen to your intuition as usual or begin to asap. You can’t get this thing wrong. The world is yours. Peace and respect benevolent co-creator. What will you create next? : -) It’s always something good.

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