Personal Numerology Report Readings

*If you’re unable to make up your mind purchase a numerology report or an audio reading to start and we can go from there. This is a great way to start working with me 🙂

Numerology-210x300By the way~ Personal readings are always person focused. If you would like a compatibility reading with tarot the price would be the price of a single reading (per person). I cannot read on another person without them requesting a reading unless its for a numerology report which is a personalized computer reading calculated with your name and date of birth.

So even if you cannot get a tarot reading for someone else without them being present you can purchase a personalized numerology report for anyone you would like. This works, as you may want to gift a reading to someone, this certainly makes such an awesome gift.

If you want to receive deeper insight on another person’s personality to see how it contrasts with yours and or on situation in detail you would need to order a Numerology Compatibility reading. Numerology reports will be delivered by PDF to an email address. Audio readings will be delivered by a link format to your specified email address upon order then completion.

numerology91Destiny/Personality Numerology Reports

These are awesome!

This type of report is essential to clarifying why you came to this planet at the time you incarnated. Everything from how others see you, to how you view and communicate in the world and more can be found in this report. This can clear up many questions about your life and offer inspiration to keep pressing on positively. Choose from a Full personality report or a Compatibility report below.


Once you make your purchase, please send the confirmation code or an email to with subject line“Numerology Report”. Do not send emails without your information below.

Please include:
Birth name:
Current name:

If you want to change your name give me just 5 names with last name
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3
Name 4
Name 5
Your date of birth (month in letters) (January 1, 1970)
Email address (make sure email  15 mb or more of attachments)
Paypal transaction I.D. # example: 7735421TP723083L Please give 24 hours for the report delivery.


One Super Accurate Full Personality Numerology Report Around 200 pages in length. Reports include around 30 topics plus a numerology color chart layout (like the one above) about you along with 2 extra bonuses: A 2 year forecast, and if you have more than one name that is fine because you can check up to 5 of your names in the report. 


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One Super Accurate Full Personality Numerology Report