The card you picked is: Death (reversed)

The card coming up today is a card not of death in literal terms. Instead this card is a means of change. In the reversed position though, this switch of energy and of focus may more so be about something which already passed. You might find yourself revisiting an old concern, issue, topic which you might not have gotten the clarity on that you may feel you needed. This card reveals that something of importance to you and or of you is undergoing a change which is great. This change that will play out could be a transformation which lasts for several days in fact. There could very well not be an external change too. I see a shift of a great magnitude going on even more so on a mental level. Some folks are thinking of ways to bounce out of a rut they can feel in. Others are going to find themselves staring at the truth of something they may feel they cannot run from anymore. There are people who will get this card in this position who will feel the change in their life has past already and now they are moving on to clearer more stable waters, feeling more ready for the future than ever. 

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  1. It`s supernatural how one can connect to another thoughts even in another dimension, thanks for all of your insights, may Jesus and the universe give you all of your desires of your heart!

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