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Pick a card is being written and updated for you unless you find this message on a Thursday or just after. Before you go there’s still more, keep reading… Check back on Thursday by 9am. EST. I’m pacing myself 🙂 Also checkout your Monthly and Weekly readings if you haven’t yet~ You can find them here


Take a moment to breathe. As you relax, focus on one card that you feel especially drawn to. Next choose your daily tarot guidance card for today mentally, then click your chosen card from the cards shown below to get your reading. A single card can provide insight which may assist you with gaining more clarity.

This works great whether you have a question in mind or maybe you would like to see what’s in store for you today? Focus on the card you are drawn to below, then select a card to get your reading for today. You may even want to do a small meditation with the card you choose also. 

Feel free to leave  any insights you may have below. Love and abundance to you and yours on this day~

CARD 1Card #1
CARD 2Card #2
CARD 3Card #3

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