Lesson 10: Restoring Self Love

Self Love Is The Key To Entering All Doors

Did you know that most self help programs could be centered on teaching a person how to love themselves? Research studies have shown that area is the most neglected all over the world. We have some work to do then.

Self love was a skill that no one seemed to have learned growing up resulting in millions and millions of adults never learning how to love themselves authentically. Just think of all the people who say they love another person.

Then think of the energy it takes to find love for yourself. Many people haven’t experienced pure love since they don’t know how it feels to give or to even receive it. She read about love in her novels. Even saw glimpses of it in movies. Her heart sank as she witness strangers have the love she had always dreamed of having.

With the following exercises you will know how to reciprocate love. You will know how to express love to another if you so choose to. Love is magical.

Action: Grab your journal then take one sheet of paper to write the follow at the top of it. If you have more than twenty you can add more if  you like. 

20 Things That Make Me Happy


Restoring Your Self Worth For Good

For the next 30 days pick one item off your list per day at least. What I want you to do is, do one per day. If you find some things on your list are not do-able within the 30 day timeframe then pick the easy ones to do first.

You will find yourself probably redoing a good bit of things on your list because you don’t have enough to do a new one each day. The other reason you will certainly redo the items on your list is that you enjoy them so much.

Its fine to have do overs of things that make you feel good. By the time you get to the third day of this exercise you will notice an increase in your own self worth. The increase in your self worth is paramount to restoring your self love.

Once upon a time you were just a little baby. Back in those days you had immeasurable love for all things including yourself. As time passed the world conditioned you. Some people may have heard things like:

  • you can’t do that, you’ll never be able to do that, so do something else instead.
  • life is too hard to make it in that kind of career.
  • get a job or you’ll be homeless by the time you reach your mid twenties.
  • nobody likes a failure so don’t waste your time trying that.
  • what mistake they are, how they will never be able to do anything right
  • how they should have been a boy or girl.
  • life is hard, its not easy to make it if you don’t do so and so
  • they need to lose weight before they’ll ever be considered for anything- the list goes on. 

If you have a child grow up with parents who built him or her up you would see the gifts that child came to share with the world. You and everyone else would bare witness to the potential of that child quite early on in their life too. That child’s parents would have told them things like: 

  • I love and appreciate you so much
  • You’re the best thing that has happened to us
  • You’re so smart
  • You can be anything you want to be
  • It’s alright to make mistakes
  • You’ll get through this
  • You look perfect just the way you are
  • Make sure you do something just for you
  • You deserve it all
  • You’re getting better everyday
  • You’re gonna be such a success and many more

Growing up with appreciation and encouragement pave the way for good things to just happen. After all, if someone feels good they will do their best. Its just automatic that it will unfold that way. Natural cause and effect. 

Since you may not have had the encouragement that you so deserved growing up or even as an adult there is a gift in being where you are today. Today you’re being given the opportunity to discover a new skill.

Self love will give back all the years, days, weeks and months of not feeling like you were good enough.

  1. You are more than good enough, you’re just what the universe wanted.
  2. You came here for a reason.
  3. You have a purpose.
  4. Your life has deep meaning and its just as important as anyone elses!
  5. You’ve been good enough your entire life.
  6. Now all there is for you to do, is to remember your greatness.

Do one thing from your list daily. Treat yourself like you wanted others to treat you. Share the gift of love with YOU. Give yourself a hug. You’re doing great!